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The Scyldings

In-game Banner:

We are a fun and friendly bunch of Viking Conquest players who enjoy realistic combat and matches against other groups. We are always welcoming new players but you are expected to be mature and able to get on well with the rest of the group without any drama. We're also a strange bunch who tend to enjoy history and work on a not-too-strict rank system which exists for the sake of organisation. If you wish to join please apply on the forums or else contact the group leader Rondulfr, or one of the Captains. The group is named after a historical Danish clan that ruled much of  Denmark for a significant period of time and is recorded in accounts of both historical battles and mythology.

Renowned in the tale of Beowulf as warriors who fought fearlessly in defence of the creature Grendel, and glorified by their victories in the sagas under the blessings of the nailed God and Odin we now stand ready to take the fight to any other clans that may dare to face our shield wall in combat.

As a group we aim for fun and as realistic as possible shield wall combat, but also it must be noted anyone interested in joining must be mature, the description is dramatic and we like to have fun while having an appreciation for history but we are not here to role play.

Anyone who is wanting to join will be evaluated on their maturity early on, but other than that we just want to have fun. We regard the utmost importance of membership as the ability to play and talk as a group, without any ridiculous dramatic grievances or 'competitive' atmosphere within the ranks.

It's also worth noting that a few members of the group are involved in re-enactment and have previous experience with many realism/LB clans, so if you have a real interest in Viking Age history or any history at all and want to join up, you'll be right at home here. That being said the group is welcoming to all so if you're just someone who enjoys this game with the spare time, as long as you're somewhat strange you'll fit in well. If you're interested but unsure we have nothing against people who want to just come along and see what we're like for themselves.

Rank System at the moment:
Bondsman - A peasant who has sworn service to the Huscarls of the Clan. This is a temporary position to ensure that all members are mature enough to be adopted into the ranks. In essence this should be considered the "Recruit" rank.
Huscarl - A noble farmer and warrior who serves the clan. This is the standard rank for any good warrior who wishes to be and remain part of the Scyldings.
Captain - Leaders of tvvhe King of the land, but cooperate as all part of the clan.
Worth noting that we intend to work with a role system more than a rank system, while we will have some simple divisions in decision making and command (as shown above) we intend to give individuals within the group positions to take in combat (e.g. spearman, swordsman, archer, bard, etc.)

The clan has only just been formed, and it is likely we will for a while be making adjustments to our system, if you want the opportunity to begin as part of something new and great, sign up to go a Viking!

Important Info:
  • We are EU based and will probably have a UK hosted server but will be welcoming to non-EU members if they don't mind the ping.
  • A forum will soon be established.
  • Steam Group:

Name (Scyldings) reserved.
You might want to use the Old Norse rather than the Old English form of the name: Skjöldungar.

Good luck!
You might want to use the Old Norse rather than the Old English form of the name: Skjöldungar.

That's a fair point, we're still considering things like that, as an admirer of the Beowulf script my initial thought was to take the name from there, but we do want to be a realistic clan at the same time and might change to Skjöldungar.
I am currently in the process of trying to contact st3fan who I can get a server from, it will probably be a 50 slot server although we may expand it in the future, I predict we'll have it up and running sometime this weekend :smile:.
Still waiting for the server host to respond, we won't be hosting any trainings or events until after training but things should hopefully pick up then. Also, due to these difficulties contacting MrSt3fan I'm considering other server hosts, looking for a 50 slot server, preferably UK hosted for £8.00 a month or less, any offers would be welcome just to put the word out there.
Our great Captain has enlisted us in a Tournament! Glory to the clan! Death to the peasants who wont give us their stuff!
The Scyldings Clan wishes you all a Merry Yuletide! Loot, pillage and celebrate in the name of the Gods!

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