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Hey Windy, so I decided to create new troop tree, from troops that are present but I hit the snag. I spent many hours creating 3 sets for each troop Light/Medium/Heavy and then In game I noticed same problem as with New troops. It seems that you have made silverstag troops and items dependant on certain script, that recalculates and creates battle rating. In the end I had all troops cost me 1 denar, and all their ratings were 10 melee rating/5 ranged rating etc.

My question is, instead of waiting for new version, is it hard to create/edit such script. Or is there some manual how to make it work, when I create new item so that game recognizes it, and properly gives the troop with such weapon correct melee rating.
I'll make it so that the troop rating script can be manually triggered.  Silverstag's troop system is very code dependent (since v0.15) though and that code will be publicly released with v0.24's update.
Thanks for reply, and I though it would be that way :smile:
Keep up awesome work, no need to rush upda 0.24 take your time friend.
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