Unresolved Script bugs (tournaments in forts and overwriting of king renown

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Knight at Arms
Stumbled on two minor bugs in module_scripts.py, both with very easy fixes:

1) Tournaments are starting in forts when AI lords call a feast, because the script is missing the check to confirm it is a town and not a castle (simple triggers has those checks, so they don't replenish, but it still gets initially set once when the feast is assigned.) The tournaments in forts generated by this are bugged--when they begin the player appears in an open field, and goes 1v1 against an AI. I think because the game is trying to launch a tournament in an arena scene that doesn't exist for the castles. Fixed by adding a check of (is_between, ":new_object", towns_begin, towns_end),

2) All 21 AI kings have a high initial renown set in scripts (example: (troop_set_slot, "trp_kingdom_1_lord", slot_troop_renown, 1200), ), however, it never shows up in game, because this appears before the random renown generation formula, and there is no exclusion in that one for kings, so their renown just gets overwritten and ends up the same as normal vassal lords. Fixed by moving the set renown for kings after the random renown for lords in general.
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