Screwed up my game like an idiot - Help!

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Hi all,

So I lost my companion Sir Rayne when a castle I had captured near the start of my kingdom-making phase was retaken while he was appointed administrator. Disappeared and never showed up again.

Couple of hundred days later with a pretty decent sized kingdom of Pendor going, most of my lords are companions from the other 'relations' side who I never used in my party.

I thought I'd like to get Sir Rayne back for my crew of party companions. So I looked up cheats and found Vader's "Recruit all 20 Companions" from that menu. Clicked that and viola, Sir Rayne is back!

Only problem is, this added all of the companions to my party even those who had been made lords/ladies.. They are listed as lord/lady whoever in the party menu but converse as if they are normal companions. Worse, they still somehow hold all of their fiefs, but are not vassals. I cannot reassign any of their fiefs.They are not listed as vassals on the faction list. When I remove them from the party, they actually go back to patrolling around with armies, still have my Pendor colors, but do not respond to marshall calls and when approached in the field they give the "Glad I bumped into you again" etc. prompt to rejoin the party like they are at a tavern and not a lord/lady.

I don't have a backup save before this unfortunately... Does anyone have any ideas on how I might go about fixing this? Damn you Sir Rayne I should have left you to rot on Ceti Alpha V!!
Sounds like you bricked your game. I know of no fix myself, as I dont use cheats like that, short of a strong character port with some extra start money. Word of advice, save often and in several slots. Especially if your gonna use cheats or methods thats not really supported.
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