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You should have your next feast there Havoc - then people wouldn't just be standing around doing nothing.  :grin:

(scene from unreleased Brytenwalda mod)


Guys i've made a plane ,

KHERGIT TRADE PLANE ( read the desc first )

specs: plane have 3 crew ,

1) Pilot : Controls plane , can move plane to left or right. Orders engineer to refresh fuel for land on or land off.

2) Engineer : The most important crew on plane , he controls the fuel of plane , is in control of pilot , when he says something then he does. and he put and checkes trade items on plane. If he gets bored he can sleep behind of his chair, or eat something, also he controls plane's wing.

3) Scout , he checkes air before land off , and land before landing , he can also detect enemy , and tells it to pilot. If h egets hungry he eats his apple.

How it works : Pilot orders enginner to put fuel to swing the propeller , then forces horses to move , plane gets speed , when its speed becomes faster than horses , pilot releases horses to get off the ground.

There are only 1 plane and 6 airfield. Shariz , Jelkala , Dhirim , Tulga ,Reyvadin , Sargoth.

Note : plane looks **** becasue of props, i cant do much thing with chair and tables...



You can resize them with Imageshack before uploading. I advise you to install the Imageshack Toolbar for quick "click & drag" uploading.

Oh, and a screenshot too from the Expanded Gameplay III:
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