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The main issue we had was that the time limit was not editable, we could not increase it, meaning that the time would run out just when the fun started :sad:
An estoc broke and the dude actually won with it;


That's an impressive wall of pikes. A pity pikes haven't received more love in The Deluge, considering their importance in the period. I think Rome at War has a marginally better pike system, where you can actually stand behind your mates (two or three ranks deep) and stab without risking a horrendous amount of teamkills. The stabbing positions are a bit weird, I think, as well: The lower one being too low, and the high one too high (you have to've wielded a long pike to appreciate how heavy it is, and that position is not sustainable). I wonder if one stabbing position would be enough alongside the brace position (like this, with the pike close to the chin and resting with the elbow), that is, if the minimum distance for damage is increased (no hitting when enemies are past the point), but to compensate and make them formidable in formation nonetheless, give them a crush-through (at optimal range, a chance to crush through blocks).

In other news, I made this short test-video the other day (on my new, overwhelmingly popular YouTube-channel):

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