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Even more than a decade after release, new things are being found out about the strange ways of the R:TW AI.

Played a bit of Naval Action, probably for the first time in months. When I logged in, I found that I had two redeemable ships: the Endymion and the Indefatigable. I decided to try them both out in small battles. I didn't get any screenshots of the Endymion match, but I got a few while sailing the Indefatigable:

I must've forgotten to take screenshots after this. The battle took a lot of my attention. The two ships were actually reasonably well-matched. We spent most of the battle turning tight circles, trying to bring our broadsides to face each other or, in my case, waiting for the Constitution to get stuck with the wind against her and then trying to rake her stern before she had a chance to get underway again. Eventually, I managed to do some serious damage to her through the raking, and after destroying her armor on one side. She ended up sinking quite quickly after that.

Also, for those of you who play Naval Action more than me, have they changed the damage/leak mechanics again? Because it seemed like once a ship's armor was gone on one side, she took on a lot of water. I don't remember it being that way before. 
Had a close call taking on the Shogun a little bit too early for comfort. While manpower and stability never really became problems I had massive loans and corruption going in an attempt to win. My stupid alies kept killing themselves too by attacking unimportant but well-defended targets repeatedly. These casualty statistics also do not include the numerous castle garrisons or rebellious peasants killed. That'd add at least 45k to the casualty counter.

Curiously enough compared to real-life Japan in this period EUIV models armies and populations as too small, so these numbers would be far higher in reality.

Current state of my hungarian empire in EU4. Currently punching a through the Timurids, who were essentially untouched for the last 350 years.
Bahamis took most of it over, they were **** though.
Just threw 20.000 men on the ships, decleared war (imperialism) and overran them. Annexed about 70% of India and carried on.
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Played some matches with friends in Squad.

Fixed their size for you;

Ok, it seems postimg rescales uploaded pictures to force clicks on their website.
I managed to upload bigger pictures without postimg url. Which file ghosting web site do you recommend for the screenshots uploads?
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