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ScreenShooting Guide (Llew)

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Much kudos goes to Llew2

1: How to take screenshots

There are a few ways to do this, and in my opinion, a hard way and an easy way.

Hard way:

While looking at what you wish to take a screenshot of, hit the Print Screen button (located here):


Minimize the game, open an image editing program (Paint), hit paste (Ctrl+V) and your screenshot will appear.
Save it to "C:\...\My Documents\My Pictures" with whatever file name you want.

Easy way (recommended for those who dislike having their game interrupted):

Press ctrl+insert while playing Mount&Blade to save a screenshot to a folder in your "My Documents" folder on your computer.

2: Hosting your screenshots

There are several different sites that will host your pictures for free, but for simplicity we'll use ImageShack.

Go to ImageShack, hit Browse. This is where it will differ depending on whether you used the easy way or the hard way.

If you used the hard way: In the Browse window that just popped up go to My Documents\My pictures and select the screenshot you wish to upload.

If you used the easy way: In the Browse window, select the Captured Screen's folder (the path should look something like this:smile:

and select the screenshot you wish to upload.

Hit 'Open', then click 'host it!'. Once it has uploaded, copy and paste into your post one of the linking codes provided.
Use the 'Hotlink for forums' if you want a full sized image, or 'Thumbnail for forums' if you want a thumbnail.

There you have it.
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