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First of all, I think that my messing with troops changed number codes assigned to troops which resulted is quite strange issues in an old save. Somehow, looter parties consist of ~5 C1 looters and ~15+ C5-6 Knights.

I have a full list of changes here:
FILE: changes.txt
-added two new units (rhodok siege commander and rhodok mercenary captain), created entries for abilities in hub_scripts and added them in hub_ai_lord_considers_recruits_in_center, added them in kingdom_reinforcements
-Rhodok Footman I2 -> I3
-Rhodok Crossbowman -> Rhodok Scout (ID is unchanged), A2 -> A3, affiliated, trailblazer, supply runner
-Rhodok Vanguard I3 -> I4, added him to kingdom_reinforcements
-I3 Rhodok Pikeman -> Rhodok Halberdier (ID is unchanged), requires mercenary recruit
-I5 Rhodok Pikeman removed shield, now equipped with longer pike and a falchion
-A6 Rhodok Siege-breaker A6 -> A7
-I3 Veluca Pikeman  -> I6 Veluca Pikeman Captain (ID unchanged), abilities commanding presence, tactician

-new troop tree, modified hub_scripts - abilities, hub_ai_lord_considers_recruits_in_center script, , kingdom_reinforcements templates

long_spiked_club -> one-handed
sarranid_two_handed_mace_1 -> one-handed
sarranid_axe_b cutting -> piercing damage
sarranid_two_handed_axe_b cutting -> piercing damage
boar_spear speed 90 -> 110
shortened_spear speed 102 -> 122
war_spear speed 95 -> 115
pike speed 81 -> 107
bec_de_corbin_a speed 81 -> 91, length 120 -> 135
(spiked)_hihglander_buclker_(1-3) changed ID to (spiked)_highland_buckler_(1-3)
dec_steel_shield improved stats
milanese_armour changed name to Milanese Armour
mod_pike1 speed 90 -> 105, changed name to Heavy Pike
mod_two_handed_taxe_1 changed dmg to piercing
one_handed_battle_axe_a changed dmg to piercing
two_handed_axe -> one handed, cutting -> piercing
mod_onehand_axe1 changed dmg to piercing
mod_onehandaxe4 changed dmg to piercing

*note: Mercenary Captain is I6 and Siege Commander is A6
**note: New I4 halberdiers are total killers. On par/better that Nord infantry.
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man, those guys are gonna be fearsome! :smile: I especially like the doppelsoldner, been waiting on just that with the Geroia talk that's been around recently. Very nice.


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Is this expected in late-game (1 year or more in-game days) situations? Coz I'm getting 'swaglord :iamamoron: kicked out from kingdom and now hangs with other homies' every half a minute.

Anyway, King's like 'u hate me coz u ain't me'  :cool:
Too bad they're all his own associates :/



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Half-swording implemented successfully. The player should be able to perform thrusts up close during sieges to make use of pierce damage. Centre image shows implementation is full and proper - the same sword uses both sets of animations as the player switches between 'normal' and half-swording modes.

Spear and pike overhead animations implemented successfully. Functioning properly without blur and with full directional control both with and without shields. Implementation is full and proper, using dedicated overhead spear thrust and musket thrust actions to maintain proper polearm function for non-stabby, choppy/smashy attacks. This should allow for far more effective use of thrusts by AI, as well as encouraging the player to use pikes and spears and making combat more dynamic.

Without shield (images show directional control):
With shield (images show directional control):     

Also makes siege kebabs much easier...


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theman007 said:
Half-swording implemented successfully.
Spear and pike overhead animations implemented successfully.
Mighty stuff.

Did you increase the halfswording pierce damage to reflect the power of such thrusts?


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Leifdin said:
Hi! Would you be willing to share these?
I will try my best if/when they are ready. I'll do my best to construct the proper source code for the animations. At the moment I've compiled a custom animation overhaul where I've handpicked the best animations from other authors - I haven't created any myself. I have added functionality, and isolated the best animations in a single brf with systematic naming. It should be noted that extensive item_kinds edits must be made for half-swording and overhead thrusts to work. I can tell you how to implement half-swording as the desired swords must have 'alt' versions like the polearm/twohanded axes. I know the new item overhaul is coming soon but I probably won't touch it unless it comes out before I begin my 14th/15th century based item overhaul.

Mamlaz said:
Did you increase the halfswording pierce damage to reflect the power of such thrusts?
No. But not because I don't want to. Firstly, a new item overhaul is on its way and my item edits would be made almost instantly obsolete, and secondly, I am changing amor soak and reduction factors for my own item overhaul. This requires a lot of time to balance armor and weapon damage values, and item edits would make no sense without the correct module.ini edits. I'll be using AD 1257 as a base for values. If/when I complete this, half-swording thrusts will have less range and more damage.