SP Native Scouting Actually Works

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Remember how scouting (pathfinding) worked in Mount and Blade Warband? Wasn’t that great? Well now you can have Warband like scouting in Bannerlord!

In Warband scouting (pathfinding) skill made a real difference in your party’s speed as you moved across the map. It was possible to make your party move much faster as your scout leveled up his pathfinding skill. No such mechanic currently exists in Bannerlord. Oh sure, there are a few perks that can give one percent movement speed during the daytime on grass, in months that don’t have an R in them. But that’s really not the same, now is it?

This mod rectifies that situation by giving a boost to your parties movement speed based on the skill level of your scout. For every single point your scout has in scouting a tiny movement bonus is applied to your party’s movement speed. For example, at a scouting level of 75 your party’s movement speed is boosted by roughly nine percent. It’s not an overpowering bonus, but it makes scouting skill actually useful for something other than spotting parties at a distance.

This mod does not save any data. You can add it or remove it from your game anytime. It can be safely added to existing games.

This mod overrides the CalculateFinalSpeed method of the DefaultPartySpeedCalculatingModel object. It will conflict with any mod that overrides the same method. The community patch mod does alter the same method, but if this mod is loaded after the community patch, they both should work together. This is a tiny mod that only overrides one method, so conflicts with other mods are unlikely.

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