MP Tutorial Scenes Scening in Warband (entry point info for all gamemodes)

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Arch3r said:
@Nate, no that code generates rivers, terraintype, elevation, vegetation and such, not troops. That is stored in game_menus.txt

Thanks. I'll see if I can't get those pesky troops gone from my quick battle now.

EDIT: Having trouble finding game_menus.txt.
How compatible are scenes from 1.011 of the old mount&blade.  Say I did a direct swap of one of my maps from my mod with a warband multiplayer map?
Oh good I have an awesome map that could make for a good castle then.  Just need to add Warband specific entry points to it.
In the khergit hamlet map i put the porticulis gate ( like the one in Village ) and the operator with the chains ( you have another one with ropes but didn't try it ).

First didn't work, then i put the gate all up like open and tried the switched. It worked. Then i put the gate to original closed position and voilà.

The ladders i'm experimenting still. I'll test similar to gate. Using a the final position to trigger the "raise ladder" will have no animation i'm pretty sure, then the "lower ladder" then put it to rest on the floou just using rotations...who know...might work. Bit more complex than gate though. If not i'm sure there's a place holder.

Siege towers use these control objects to define path and final position...
Do the destructible trebuchet and catapult usually cause c++ errors?  I tried to add them to my map but it was consistently causing those problems upon placement.
I was thinking about that issue and you must use one the faction triggers ( flag, HQ, etc...) to assign them to a party. Dunno which one.
COGlory said:
Same here.  I think you have to kill all the enemy troops first, which stinks if you have troops disabled.
But I am doing the editing in singleplayer mode by editing the multiplayer maps from test scene.  So there are no enemy troops.  Perhaps it is giving errors because the map is loaded in a non-battle mission_template.
Berserker Pride said:
Do the destructible trebuchet and catapult usually cause c++ errors?  I tried to add them to my map but it was consistently causing those problems upon placement.
They never gave me problems.

Also thanks Heth, in my next map I can include a gate than :smile:.
Ok ladders solved.

Select ladder, place in final position. Insert Entry Point and number them 100 and up ( 100, 101, etc ), one for each ladder.

Then orientate the Entry Point ( arrow ) to the direction and position you wish it to be when laying on the ground.

It will only work in MP mode, so, host your game, and voilà
Nice find there.

Could someone test this terrain code? Me and Beaver tried it, but it didnt work, everything was underwater. If you test it could you give me a screenshot?

scn_multi_scene_8 multi_scene_8 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x0000000034e00500000810d8000065480000163400000dd6
which original one is multi 8 ? ( i'm at office and don't have my notes here )

Anyways, i replaced quick-battle 1 with your code. Game crashes with RGL > Number of passages for site 0 exceeds 16

Hmm, I dont know what happened there. I did try to make some spawnpoints, so it might be that. But it is only the terraincode. Could someone with SP test it?
There you go.




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