MP Tutorial Scenes Scening in Warband (entry point info for all gamemodes)

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ok sry if this is already asked buy I'm trying to make a conquest map and I'm not sure how to place the flaggs and spawns :???:


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Beaver said:
Team 1 main flag: entry 64
Team 2 main flag: entry 65

Additional team 1 flags: spr_headquarters_flag_red*
Additional team 2 flags: spr_headquarters_flag_blue*

Neutral flags: spr_headquarters_flag_grey*

*Not sure I got the names entirely correct, and I might have messed up which one is team one and team two... erm, as long as you don't use the "code_only" things you should be fine.

Finally, place all entry points from 0-63 around the flags (so that all flags has at least one entry point next to them) including the main flags. People will automatically spawn on entry points close to their selected flag - entry_no doesn't matter as long as it's between 0 and 63.


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Gab-AG. said:
Entry points for invasion mode, anyone?
Because this information is not posted anywhere else, I will answer that question.

After playing around for a few hours, I discovered the entry points for invasion mode are 70-80 or 71-79. Either way, close enough.

edit: Sorry, I mixed up the numbers. The entry points are actually 81-89.


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I've been really wanting to incorporate different lighting/ sky textures in my map making. There's a beautiful red sunset in the map Grunwald Battle, that you see if you have the TrollGame Mod pack installed. Even using the troll game module while scening, I can't figure out how to change the sky textures. It's a shame, because even in native while playing the campaign, you see the most incredible sky textures at random, textures with a golden sun, different sunsets and a moonlit night. I don't believe you can include most of these when map making. Does anyone know how to do this? I assume you can't at all in regular native, but at least it seems there may be some options for it with the Trollgame mod pack.

I hope this thread is the right place to ask this question.


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A late reply to Vandal_Aelric; The answer to your question is that the scene you saw (Grunwald Battle) was made in the mp mod NeoGK using a specific trick to add sp sky textures to mp maps. To make this yourself, you need to make the scene in NeoGK according to specifications mentioned in their guide. The TrollGame mod pack is a backward compatible mod on top of NeoGK.