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Scene Specials (Scene Features)

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You might have read things about the so called "Scene features" from me. Let me introduce them to you with this topic and you can make suggestions for other Scene Features too.

What are Scene Features?

They are invisible objects that mappers can place in their maps to give their scene a special touch. They change some things in the game mechanics or replace some of the bot or enable special events and things like that.

What Scene features exist in v2.01 and are they already in use?

v2.01 only has one feature included: The "Church" Feature. You can see what it does in the list at the end of this post. It is not used till now, but I am working on a map that uses it and will finish this map soon, hopefully.

I'm a mapper. How do I include a scene Feature?

Scene features are scene props with the names "AH_featureX_Name". To enable them, simply place them in your map. They appear as an orange capsule or something like that in the editor, but are invisible ingame. Each Feature has a number and features with the same number override each other and thus, only on of them can work at a time.

Feature 1: Church
New Bots: Priests (like aditional Townsmen)
Replaced Bots: AI Guards replaced with Priest Guards
Special Events: Bishop comes to the town (Will have an Effect later)
Game Mode: Steal the Documents

Feature 1: Gladiators
New Bots: Gladiators that fight each other
Replaced Bots: AI Guards replaced with Gladiator Guards
Special Events: Epic Gladiator Fight (For 2 Minutes, Gladiators spawn and attack the players. You can get their weapons and a gold bonus for killing them. Would be best to let them spawn only in an Arena where they can't get out, but Players can get in.
Game Mode: Steal the Documents and FFA

Feature 1: Village Feature
New Bots: Farmers, Village Elder, probably other Inhabitants like a Lumberjack
Replaced Bots: AI Guards replaced with Armed Peasants
Special Events: Lord comes to collect taxes (?) Players may kill him to get the taxes, the longer they wait to kill him the more money he will have.
Game Mode: Steal the Documents (?) and FFA

Suggest your own features
Please suggest features only this way. You don't need to fill everything, of course.

Feature Name:
New Bots:
Replaced Bots:
New Events:
Other things:
Game Mode:


Feature Name: Imba Town Feature
New Bots: Machine Gun Soldier that run around and shoot townsmen
Replaced Bots: None
New Events: A random player becomes a tactical nuke (stone graphics) that he can throw.
Other things: Sword is replaced with an Assault Rifle
Game Mode: FFA

I am waiting for your ideas!


Smells awesome to me at the moment. Yes, it may look like pw, but focused on assassins only. This is going to rock.


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Feature Name: Sea Raider Feature
New Bots: none
Replaced Bots: Guards replaced with Sea Raiders
New Events: Sea Raiders try to loot the town. Some Sea Raiders spawn, replaces the Psycho-Events.
Other things: none
Game Mode: FFA

This might come too.
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