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I'm looking for a bit of help - for some reason on my modification (,173981.0.html) has been crashing when I place large numbers of props down on a scene, but I haven't been able to get my head around why.

I have added around 150 new props, and when I place too many of them on the map they crash, and I'm starting to believe their is a stable prop limit, and the crashes vary to number of props.

They only crash though when I use large numbers of these types of props:
armour_sugarloaf = (ti_on_scene_prop_use,
      (store_trigger_param_1, ":agent_id"),

      (assign, ":cost", 290), #gold required for healing
        (player_is_active, ":player_no"),
        (player_get_gold, ":player_gold", ":player_no"),
        (ge, ":player_gold", ":cost"), 
        (call_script, "script_agent_equip_item", ":agent_id", "itm_sugarloaf"),
        (val_sub, ":player_gold", ":cost"),
        (player_set_gold, ":player_no", ":player_gold", multi_max_gold_that_can_be_stored),

The crashing has been increasing with the more scene props I add to the mod, but I am not sure on if there is a prop limit / a stable prop limit, and am I wondering if someone can confirm it, or if there is a problem with my scene prop items.
To be exact, there are 103 versions of this, and placing around 48 of these props on a map causes the crashing to start.

Any help would be great on explaining why this crashing happens, as it very frustrating that the game crashes when I place a prop down.


Crashing also only happens in edit mode, not during play...  :neutral:
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