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Hey there everyone,

I've written up a post in the Forge recruitment thread but I also thought I'd throw something up here as well. I'm looking for an experienced mapper to join a small experienced mod team working on a "secret" (for the moment) project. The maps will need to be PW-scale, and set in a variety of different regions.

The maps themselves will be based around the times of the first Viking invasions of Britain. You will need to represent a variety of different regions in Scandinavia and Britain, including both urban areas and wilderness regions.

This project is a great opportunity for some of you to enter mainstream mod development. As far as I am aware our concept has not been attempted before in Warband, and would make an excellent addition to any mod developer's resume.

Any interested developers should send me a PM including links to their previous work, as well as a small paragraph about themselves and their mapping experience. If any of your maps are currently available for viewing on a live server (Native, PW, or another mod) then some info on the server name and mod would also be beneficial, so I can have a look at it in more detail.


Thanks for the response, I'll take a look at your map when I've got some time. We may not be taking on too many new developers now - the situation's changed a little since I made the post, but I'll get in touch if your previous work is the sort of thing we're looking for.
If you add me on steam we may be able to talk? JadSamadi (steam id)
You described something ( PW mod / viking invasion / map of viking age brittain ). and then proceeded to say : ''As far as I know this hasn't been done before" .
To that I responded : It has  been done before / IS being done.
I'm sure a Viking PW mod has been/is being developed, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't. If that was all I was making I wouldn't be nearly so secretive about it :wink:
chunky_monkeh said:
I could be able to make you a demo if you want...
You can check my map out I made on my server (EU_Oasis)
Which map was that?
I have recently have a open beta scene out *Tismirr_Server* which everyone is welcome to visit and share ideas and opinions to help improve PW scenes.
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