Scenario ? (scripts ?)

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First of all : wonderful mod you've made here - I especially appreciate the "ghosts" units, first time I've seen those I believe.

I have a question : what's the story line ?

1. Help Sanjar Khagan, become a vassal
2. Win back *all* of caldaria (except 1 castle *hint*) /or  Lose the remaining Khergits holdings
3. ?

I'm asking because I feel there is a story behind the "dead kings" & "ghosts" parties.

The fact that Ulamut Castle is aligned with the Outlaw faction, and a "Amar" can actually be captured or talked to hints to some invisible mechanisms (read : scripts) that I've failed to trigger.

Please enlighten me on the triggers needed to advance the plot beyond the sandbox approach.

Thank you.
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