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Hoooody said:

Selvfølgelig snakker jeg ikke gammel-norsk! Det er ikke alt for mange nordmenn som snakker det!
Unnskyld for at jeg ikke har lært meg gammel-norsk enda.

Point proved  :cool:
Það er bara fínt að þið hafið gleymt þessu öllu saman
Well, as for the camera not being willing to move I have no answer. Just open it up with the map editor and see if the barriers have been moved.

I'm also working on a small side project that I have. Since my zombie mod is a bit too much to handle on my own, I'm expanding my modding skills with something more suitable for my skill level. So what's better than a Scandinavian Viking mod? Any one feeling me on this one? I'm not asking for any help. But will it be worth it? Will anyone play it? My friends play the beta version and they love it, but will there be anyone else who like the thought?

And I'm talking boar-riding Vikings with horned helmets! So it's a bit "fantasy like" in that way, but that way only.
I won't put any magic in it or any over-powered double axes. (But there will ofcourse be double axes :grin:)

Is it a good idea or should I just leave it?


sorry to revive this thread, but i would like to help if you havent got the answer yet.

Fortress/castle means in modern danish = Fæstning / borg. castle could also mean Slot but a slot is for living in where nobels used to live in a borg was usally where  they could defend.
Thanks. I've already gotten this info from pahviman.
He sent me a PM and told me the what they're called in all countries.

But thanks anyway.
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