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don't know anything about modding or scripting in m&b but iv seen mods with boats in it so is it possible to add boats in the game (npc controlled) that travels between citys, cogs (trading boats)
bikkebakke said:
don't know anything about modding or scripting in m&b but iv seen mods with boats in it so is it possible to add boats in the game (npc controlled) that travels between citys, cogs (trading boats)

Well you can add boats via scripts. If you like boats and scandinavia you should try Ruthvens mods.
However I cant help you with the boats.
Dear NaglFaar, your map does not allow to place in Denmark the specified settlements for it http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=52501.new#new  ! And on it there are no Ladoga and Onega lakes!
Whether will probably keep at replacement by your map marine fights/battles from The Roots of Yggdrassil???


First some feedback: I think Denmark should be reworked since it's too rounded in the top. But every thing else looks great.

Please add Hirschholm slot too your map ^^ (search on google for location)

Yea, I know. Denmark is totaly fu*ked. The islands overall. Jylland is just... well...

It's quite hard thou. But some modifications could be done, absolutely.
So dannish is the same as here in sweden. Good to know.

I have lost all my citynames. I collected names for each and every town/castle and village.
Took quite some time. And I don't know if I'll be working on it any more.

Perhaps when I fell I have the energy to...

As for now, all energy regarding modding, goes to my Zombie mod.
I haven't really thought of a special time span.

I just thought that you could use some of the most well known names in history and just rename them.

But medieval names will suffice.
Around 900-1500


Hammershus (Located on Bornholm)
Asserbo slot (Located on Northern Sjælland (Sealand?)
Nykøbing F. Slot (not really sure where this where located...)
Egeskov slot (located on Fyn)
Kronborg (located on northern sealand(on the other side of the sea of Helsingborg)
Odense Slot (on Fyn again)
Hirschholm slot (A little south of Kronborg)

Gotta do homework now.... Ill find some more in Jylland later


Akselst said:
Don Doggy said:
WarlordG said:
Helsingfors is the same that Helsinki =D

It ain't. It's wrong, so wrong.

Helsinki and Helsingfors is just he same city! Helsinki is the Finnish name and Helsingfors is the Swedish. In Norway we use both of them. So no, you're wrong!

Naglfaar, that map looks much better now. Good work!  :wink:  Maybe someday I could get use of this map in my modding. Then I won't forget who made it.
I would prefer it to be called "Helsinki" becouse it's a Finnish city, come on! Would you like us to figure out some kind of silly Finnish name for your capital? Guess not?


Finnish names:

Castle = Linna
Fortress = Linnoitus

In finnish we use the word "linna" to describe castle, fort and fortress. We use "kartano" for estate, manor and mansion if you prefer that on some of the small castles.
Thanks Jakke.
I love Finnish language.

As to all of you who wonder about the names.

The names will be named in their native language. Neither, English nor any other language.

But like I said, it will not be done in near future. I'm totally occupied by my zombie mod right now.
When that one is done, I'll probably get working on this one again.
Vomar said:
im sad :sad: No Iceland? :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

Me too. Really, I am.
I would love to have Iceland on the map. The reason it isn't, is because it wouldn't be possible to travel there.
Hopefully someone will use the map and make it possible to reach by boat.

I actually left a little piece of it in the top left corner.
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