Scaling of requirements for sending companions on quests

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On my most current playthrough, Ive been experimenting with sending companions to complete quests.

Started off innocently enough... usually the skill requirement was something around 20 in a given skill for a companion to qualify. Send them on their way and they come back in a couple weeks, usually getting a handful of skill points increased.

Well some time passed, got caught up in some border conflicts. You know how it goes.

When I went to resume sending companions on quests... the requirements had been hiked up to an absurd and unrealistic degree.

120+ skill in trading to deliver some sheep? Yea right.
150+ tactics AND 150+ in a weapon skill to hunt some bandits? Sure ok
150+ scouting to find your daughter? Whatever you say
150+ rougery (forgot the quest but I saw it)? Not even close

I mean, my main character doesnt even have the stats they are asking for in most cases. Let alone companions, which dont really have good ways to level up things like trading, tactics, rougery or even scouting.

I'm not really sure what the point is of having the option to send companions on quests, when companions cant realistically keep up with the scaling requirements.


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With 1.6.2 we're bringing in a different system that removes the hard skill requirements altogether. Instead, the companion skill in relation to the issue skill requirements will determine the success chance.
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