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say cheese

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captain folms

Grandmaster Knight
Just something from Instagram. I am wearing my college ambassador because I'm such a patriot.



Amontadillo said:
Ambalon said:
I never said they actually are.
Nah, you said they look it. And they really don't.
But they do.
Eктωρ said:
But that's because you're an ******* not because our hairs are dirty.
I didn't say are dirty, only that they look so. Which they do. And good job calling me names.
J said:
Ambalon said:
Goatees are excellent for making your face appear slimmer and longer.
's why I have one! :3
Indeed. Goatee-less you is not as good.  :razz:
Rebelknight said:
Fascist don't tolerate long hair!
It prevent them from seeing the minorities they are trying to beat up.
Exactly. What will be of me without my daily minority beating? D:


Teofish said:
Oh shush you. The early CoD games were fun. But just to keep your panties from bunching too much here's a birthday toast from me. Wish it could've been with a nice cold beer.

I'd like to have a beer with you. Also, I'd like to caress your beard.
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