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say cheese

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Delora Filth

Do you want to run this ship?
Oh balls, they're guinea pigs. I always forget when the marmosets go trampling through my neocortex. Now they'll be snubbing me for a week for forgetting.

von Afton

Master Knight
or no hood?


Sergeant Knight
So Uni-bomber or normal guy.. that's a tough one mate.
Please tighten the hood and wear some sunglasses and then repost to this thread.



Be nice guys, I'm sure he can come up with his own uniquely iconic mass murderer look if you just give a little bit of constructive feedback.

Your eyes that look like you are dead inside are spot on, so take advantage of that and file your teeth or something.


Cool Hand Luke
Orchid said:
Awesome. I especially like your mate's helmet with the goggles.
Thanks. I told him he looked like something out of Hollywood. That's kinda what we're going for, so all is good.

Deserath said:
Why are you in American WW2 Uniforms? Well I guess Denmark didn't play a big role in Combat during WW2.
Denmark lasted something like four hours and lost 16 guys, before the government wisely/cowardly yielded to the overwhelming power of the Wehrmacht. Besides, US is more romantic. :razz:

Pharaoh Llandy said:
Nice pics Mr. Seff.
Thank you Ms Llandy.


Cool Hand Luke
Yeah, the Norwegians held out for months, if not a year. The terrain doesn't offer itself up for grabs like the Danish does, and there was apparently more of a fighting spirit than here. :razz:
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