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Say Cheese v2

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Yeah, a lot of us younger folks must be at least 20 by now. It seemed to me there was somebody a couple years younger than me (who'd still be a teenager), but maybe I'm wrong.
JACVBHINDS // 寒心420? said:
BalanceofTerror, probably. :lol:
Anyone born before 1994 is a coffin-dodging proto-corpse, and anyone born after 1994 is an inexperienced baby who I can guiltlessly condescend. That's just how it works.

The 1995'ers will be the ones laughing when you're in a home gramps.


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Hi! My name is Skippy.
Almalexia said:
Do we even have teenagers here anymore? I think we are all old ****s at this point.
I remember once thinking Wolfhead was quite old, when he was 23. I'm 25, three months from 26 now  :lol:

I think the next age milestone is getting white hair on your pubes


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No one knows me around here, but today is the perfect day to "Say Cheese", since we're alle Brownies today.
And I even share a picture with you from a moment where my heart broke!

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