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0've met her (hopefully) when she was 17 and you were 33? Dude.
Yeah. We've met a couple months ago.
She's way too mature for her age. Probably because she grew up in a very strict Mennonite family. Ain't no average teenager, the way she behaves I'd say she's in her mid twenties.
I do not have experience dating much younger girls however, 3 girls that I've dated before were all older than me.


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Okay, so pages of accusing and antagonizing someone as a pervert sex offender pedophile is okay by forum rules, but my post where I suggested otherwise while using some nasty words is removed for trolling. Nice going, forum. Keep protecting your precious ****ing family values.

People of a bigger age difference can love each other without bad intentions. It happened and happens a lot. Yeah, galactic bum can definitely be a perv, but you have no ****ing evidence of it. You are judging him by a single information, namely their ages. And I bet you all consider yourself smart, enlightened people. Well, you are not. You are shortsighted ****s. Good night, and **** you all.
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Say cheese once again and we’ll mute you for a full year :)
Okay, so pages of accusing and antagonizing someone as a pervert sex offender pedophile is okay by forum rules,
No it's not, because even though my post came close (I cropped it on purpose), nobody has said any more than "that is pretty awkward". If anything I wish he hadn't mentioned the ages at all, its the sort of thing that is weirder to say out loud to strangers than to keep quiet about. It's like telling people that you are into scat, the awkward thing isn't the behind-closed-doors pooplicking but rather the fact that you felt the need to tell everyone.

The reason it weirds people out when a 16-18 year old is dating someone who has passed through the formative tunnel of the 20s is that most of us know examples of it happening irl, and it's usually creepy or even abusive. It's like when a rich white woman marries an impoverished Kenyan man she found walking around the beach in Mombasa. Sure it could be a healthy relationship with no power imbalance or exploitation, but it would be weird and abnormal if that wasn't the case, given the circumstances.

And no, I wouldn't want to date a 16 year old, let alone [whatever you said that then got deleted]




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Well, I felt the need to justify myself against the avaricious Hungarian than triggered my defences, but Jacob covered me 100%. Sure age difference doesn't play that much of a role, when the relationship is meaningful and you'll notice that none of us (I think) wished ill of Galactic Bum, his gf or their relationship. But some things are awkward and sketchy, just that.

Also, did I notice Folth around? Those name changes are a plague, in the end.

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That’s fine, it was a joke :razz:

Saying cheese is fine as long as you accompany it with your picture. Posting a picture of cheese or simply posting the words “cheese” without any accompanying selfies/pictures of yourself is what breaks the OP’s rule :smile: