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Here's one.

She doesn't mind me grabbing her butt.
Pretty sure this is the one for me, age difference worries me a bit, but hey I'm not too old yet to start a family.

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Try to catch the meaning of this first. Signed is ~2 million and unsigned is ~4 million. It wouldn't make much difference at that point. I hope that fact has finally caught your attention. :wink:

Yes, this whole post is a Try-Catch-Finally pun... I'll go away now.

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You went full Crusader Kings on her :razz:

In all seriousness: the age difference might not be a long-term issue as long as you stay flexible about who she is. She's super young and she'll be finding herself and changing a whole lot.

When I started my relationship, my girlfriend was 17 and she's now 26 and the way she thinks and operates is 80% unrecognizable from the girl I started dating back in the day (from a promiscuous, economics/politics-lover, make-up-addict girl to a slow-living, yoga/meditation/vegan/nature borderline hippie cook now. You've gotta stay open-minded :smile:

The sex gets way better as she grows out of her 20s, btw, as she understands herself way more over time.
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