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Captain Codeine
Welcome to the second incarnation of the Say Cheese thread!​

Guidelines are few and simple:

#1: This thread is for posting photos of yourself or other forumites, given their permission. NOT of:
    • Your pets. If you have photos of your pet(s), please post them into the Pets pics thread.
    • Your motorised vehicles. Those go into either Your Bike or Your Car thread, whichever's applicable.
    • Your travel photos or other random photos you've taken which are not of yourself. Those go into Post your Pictures - 2010-2019 Edition! thread.
    • Food you've cooked. Those go into Post delicious meals you made! thread.
    • No random spammy/funny images. Those would fit better in the Random Media v.4 thread, if even in there.
    • Most importantly, DO NOT POST TO SAY "CHEESE" OR POST PICTURES OF CHEESE. You WILL get warned/muted for this.

#2: Caveat for the above: If you have a set of photos of pets/travel/etc which DOES include yourself in some of the photos, feel free to just bundle all of the photos into your post.

#3: Be courteous when commenting on the pictures of others. Insults about another user's appearance will not be tolerated.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in you receiving a warning, mute or possibly even a ban from the mod/admin team. This list may be expanded as and when the need arises.

When posting your photos, you're invited to use The unofficial official TaleWorlds forum Imagedump (TWim for short) as image host. You're welcome to use any other host you please, of course, but it's guaranteed that your images won't be randomly culled or deleted from TWim. Especially note, if you're linking photos on your Facebook, the image links WILL die within a day or few and won't be viewable by anyone after that.

The old thread can still be found here, plus you can browse all the photos posted in it (and this) thread at the TWCheese gallery.
If you want your images to be removed from TWCheese or you've had a nick change and your pics are split up or something, drop me a private message and I'll look into it.


Captain Codeine
Something to get the ball rolling!

Original thread will hopefully be locked soon. :razz:


Captain Codeine
The only reason is that huge threads like that (>15000 posts) is a huge strain on the server software. This'll just make the forum run faster!
Old thread won't be removed or anything though :razz:

Age of Empires II: The Sunset said:
At the Nimmellium Dome in Londinium. They have a whole bunch of props and costumes used in the old films.

Happy Roy Batty after a diet  :grin:
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