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Thanks Rapier! Looking dashing yourself!

I'm currently missing several big events to my own regret because I have to redo two of my finals, which of course fell right into two of this year's biggest events I would have attended. On the plus-side, I got some new hoses finished and visited a very nice event in Soest, Germany earlier. The Soester Fehde was very nice by its location alone - we were encamped in the ditch (now city park) surrounding the remnants of the medieval city walls. During the actual battle we, mercenaries and troops in service of the Archbishopric of Köln, had to scale these walls with ladders.

The first day fighting was lacklustre (we did get to see the Czech halberdiers fight eachother, those men are crazy if you are used to safety guidelines common in the BeNeLux, but a spectacle to behold - and accurately-dressed!) although our company was the first to scale the walls. The second day fighting was more enjoyable as we were 'bought' and aided the defenders, fighting out former commander's group whom we know to be able to take a hit. It was a very enjoyable fight given we've had some complaints from other groups that we were a bit too rough or energetic in combat. The guys from Lixa Rebellum were great opponents and I ended up having a nice wrestle with one of their sergeants.

Especially gorgeous was the cannoneer crew we were stationed behind during the initial stage of the fight. Great living history reenactors with a forged breech-loading cannon with several breeches that were wedged in place, constantly reloaded by camp aides. Strict firing discipline and a very respectable rate of fire made for a great show. Unfortunately pictures of our group were relatively sparse, we were low on numbers and had no one who didn't participate in the fight to take pictures of us.

Perhaps also interesting to note is that they didn't cut costs on special effects. A battering ram set ablaze, and two large explosions for attempts to blow open sally gates and harm the attackers through traps.


Good news too, however, I'm finally scrounging together funds for an actual breast'n back to come even close to the mercenary I'm attempting to portray. If all goes well I'll have it by next year.
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