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No, I didn't use any mods.


Hello Taleworlds! I recently deleted Bannerlord from my pc, and now I downloaded it again on Steam.
My old saved games are still there, but I cannot play them or delete them. The game just crashes.

And when I create a new game, I cannot save, which basically leaves me unable to play and progress in Bannerlord.

Please reach out to me, so we can fix this issue, and I can continue enjoying the game ? Thank you
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The old saves are probably just to be deleted, as they unless you know for certain are from the same patch/version - wont work in some/most cases.

As for the matter of not beign able to save
1. there is enough room on the drive to actually do so? right(most likely yes)
2. sometimes you have to run games as "admin" or it wont be able to write to certain folders.
3. in the same as 2, if the folders where the game saves the files is read only(cause of above or other reasons, you can change that setting).

The savefolder is located in C:\users\your username\documents\mount and blade II bannerlord\game saves - default afaik.
Should that not work, try installing the game on another drive if you have one, seems to have helped a few others.

The other possible bandit is anti-virus prograsms being "too active" so they block it.
just a gamer not Taleworlds, just trying to help a gamer out.

Should be a few other post on this topic though, so you may want to have a look at that.


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Community Support
Hey, can you please let me know if the steps suggested by @Zorion_no helped with the issue? If the issue is persistent please let me know.
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