Sata ssd temperature problem

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I did not see any relevant subforum to post this so I post it here.
Recently, I bought samsung 870 evo 2.5 inch sata ssd. I plug it to my laptop. Samsun recommended temperature interval 0-70 celsius degree. Although my room is not hot, ssd got 60 degree when I was playing game. When it is summer, its temperature will be at least 90 degree. So I came up with a idea that making a hole in laptop and using sata cable extender to make ssd work outside laptop. Btw my laptop is old, it has only one fan. So what can I do? Would it be good to make it work like that or is there another solution?
I mean I live in a place where it can get stupid hot during summers, to keep my laptop from overheating I have popped it up over the table(using furniture spacers) so it can have more air flow around it. I know there is cooling pads which you can place under your laptop to keep it cool also but that costs money and not sure if it works.
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Well, my laptop also is over the table with not working laptop cooler fans under it. Another idea is that making little holes under ssd and buying a working cooling fans. I changed my gpu and cpu thermal paste recently but still as they get hot, they will contribute ssd temperature to get high. Because it is winter and my room is 18-20 degree, it is not a problem right now.
I had similar issues in the summer when I lived in Italy with no AC and made do with an actual box fan pointed at me and the laptop. A cooling pad helps a lot even if it's not working, honestly just lifting the laptop helps. The fans underneath are just a minor bonus. Big fan on the side will make your laptop (and probably you) happier.

What kind of temperature are you looking at in the summer?
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