Saracens are leaving WNL

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I'm sorry, but we have to leave WNL. Clan is going inactive, I don't know for how long, maybe till Bannerlord is out.

Personally I still like the game and community and I won't stop playing. However, begging people to come for a single match does not give me fun. Last weeks we couldn't find enough players to play. Many of us stopped playing or plays very rarely, we're outnumbered due to people having their vacation, trips, etc. Actually, I was the only who could cope with arranging matches and leading, it's way too much for just one person. Once again, I'm really sorry that we couldn't finish the league. However, admins are doing really nice job, WNL is the best tournament I took part in.

I wish good fun every team, let the best one win.


Thanks for participating though I must request you fight your match with FIN before leaving. Otherwise the table will become skewed.


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Too bad :sad: I hope we can get our match arranged and I'm really sorry it couldnt be played last week..


If we will have enough people declared to play last match, maybe we`ll try to play against you.

-RoBiN- said:
Cmon guys ?!!

At the WNL beginning we had good squad, but during league players are dropping team. For example I had exams at university, someone had a lot of work, someone premature holiday.

That was really good tournament for me, I played in a lot of internet leagues, and it was one fo most exciting.


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There is always a decline during summer time, I think WNL is a huge success and is definitely keeping the competitive scene alive and if there is a nex one it will probably be better and more popular. :smile:
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