OSP Oriental 2D Art Samurai Family (Nobori) Banners Pack & Clear Banners Template

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Forum thread for the OSP author Shcherbyna, indexing a MBRepository file (the author can have the thread reattributed to him on request should he become active again).

Russian thread: https://rusmnb.ru/index.php?topic=8386.msg297474#msg297474

Nobori (samurai) banners pack


This pack make all banners in game vertical
+ flags-meshes brfs - done
+ textures - ..in progress..

banners_a(b,c).dds must have banners_e-format.
banners with hieroglyphs => short flags on single map, all the others => vertical.

For quick test:
1. Copy banners.brf, map_flags.brf, map_flags_b.brf, map_flags_c.brf to Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\YourMod\Resource\..
2. Copy&replace (*keep originals) banners_a.dds, banners_b.dds to Mount&Blade Warband\Textures\..
3.In module.ini (*keep originals) find:
load_mod_resource = banners > change to load_mod_resource = banners
load_mod_resource = map_flags > change to load_mod_resource = map_flags
load_mod_resource = map_flags_b > change to load_mod_resource = map_flags_b
load_mod_resource = map_flags_c > change to load_mod_resource = map_flags_c
4. That's all, now all banners on single map must be vertical if i don't forget something

MB_Warband_clear_banners_d_v001.zip (.dds/.psd)

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