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I welcome everyone! After the break, I decided to play the company (game version 1.0.3) in the hope that the release of the game from early access solved the old painful problems ... Below I will list the problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible in my humble opinion:
1) Noble NPCs in the villages giving quests and troops began to die en masse again. More than a year ago, this problem was already solved, I never thought that this trouble could return to the game, especially after leaving early access...
2) in the game 1085, the Northern Empire has already lost half of its territory ... Stupid AI logic when declaring and making peace, example: Sturgia loses the war to the country of Battania, Vlandia at that time declares war to the country of Battania and instead of returning the lost territories using favorable situation, the losing Sturgia concludes an unfavorable peace with Battania, while losing territories... With this logic, the losing countries never return the lost castles and cities. On very old versions of the game, I don’t remember exactly which 1.2.0 or 1.3.0, mercenaries more actively joined those countries that were more militarily inferior to their opponents in the war. This helped to avoid a complete and quick defeat. Why the developers removed this feature from the game, I can not understand. It is necessary to return the following mechanics to the game: the weaker the country in the war, the more actively it hires mercenaries. Here is another problematic situation: Sturgia is losing the war to Vlandia, a bunch of free mercenaries are running around the map, whom no one hired and who could help Sturgia, but no they are not hired ... As soon as the player joined Sturgia, she immediately hired three squads of mercenaries, which hindered to do it before Sturgia?!
3) AI does not have enough money to maintain garrisons, garrisons given at the beginning of the game are already disbanded by 30-40% in a year due to lack of money...In addition, my clan members' units are constantly transferring troops to the garrisons of foreign lords ... which are again disbanded due to lack of money ... An endless vicious circle ... Infuriates wildly: you transfer your good troops to your clan members, and they transfer them to strangers to the garrisons they are disbanding... AI garrisons are weak: castles and cities are constantly captured easily, while losing buildings and prosperity.
The maintenance of cities, and even more so castles, is absolutely not profitable: the money received from possessions does not pay off the maintenance of garrisons... It is necessary to make holding fiefs more profitable, and their capture more difficult, but not to turn ballistas into death machines...
4) My companions, despite the fact that they have horses, bows are automatically assigned to infantry units. Previously, AI more or less competently distributed companions based on their weapons, even earlier it was possible to manually send each warrior and companion to the desired squad ... In addition, appointing companions as captains, for example, to a cavalry squad, I found them in the ranks in an infantry squad...I consider it necessary to return to the game the old system of assigning units and companions by divisions on the squad management screen. And give the players the opportunity to choose between the new and the old system of assigning units to various types of troops in the game settings.
5) I also consider it necessary to give the players the opportunity in the game settings to choose between a random choice of battle maps and a choice of a map depending on the place of the battle on the global map of the company. Border battles between countries constantly take place on the same maps, which are wildly tired. Example: the battle on the bridge on the border of Sturgia and Battania and there is no bridge or even a river on the battle map at all... In addition, the battles in central Vlandia also take place on the same map... Constant battles on the same maps make you sick already...
P.S. if anyone knows, will tell mods that allow you to return the random selection of battle maps and the old system of manual selection of units and companions to various detachements, then I will be very grateful.


Right now AI is 10x more stupid than it ever was in the early access. They do not defend their armies and settlement. They simply decide to siege a settlement with 500 men army and when a 1000 men army aproaches them, they don't leave the siege and try to get away. They just wait to die. Also sometimes they don't care about defending their besieged settlements even they have a larger army. They just go besiege some other settlement.
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