Sale for Beta players ?

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Haha! Should payers who got the opportunity to play the game before anyone else, have to pay the same as everyone else, to get the EA content? Yes... yes they should.
TBH since us Beta players are technically employees of TW we should be given the game free. They're lucky enough we're not asking for health benefits either. Since us Beta players were chosen for our skill at the game then it would also be a good way of stacking multiplayer with pro-gamers so the noobs who didn't get into beta will see how skill based MP is as they would be more invested in playing it and getting better.

TLDR: TW should give us backpay of 10 dollars an hour for each hour of beta played, and the game free, and free dental
Ofcourse, the elite players that sacrificed themselves to play the FREE beta should be entitled to a discount.
I really don't get this whole entitlement thing with playing the beta, you got it for free and were allowed to play when many others weren't, why is that not enough for you?
I didn't mean it like that of course i will buy it on release but i just asked cuz some games have sales on release you know.
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