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Just a question. Will there be some kind of sale for those who played in Multiplayer beta on EA Launch ?
I wouldn't expect one. Those usually happen when you already paid for a thing; for example, if you buy an indie game and they decide to overhaul it into a technically new game, they might offer a discount for people who bought the original product.


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I really don't get this whole entitlement thing with playing the beta, you got it for free and were allowed to play when many others weren't, why is that not enough for you?


Its a privilege to have the opportunity to play in the beta, not a commendable self-sacrificing act.
If someone disagrees please give me the bannerlord beta key. Further more, you probably get a forum badge anyway.
"Hey, I got to play the game for free for a while, could I also get a discount when it releases? better yet why dont you guys pay me to play it when it releases?"

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I see the side of both cases. On the one hand you got the beta for free, therefore it was an opportunity for you to play as others couldn't. But on the other foot, the beta is there to help find issues in the game, and you're in theory volunteering your time to play the game and find bugs.

Whatever side you stand on, I'd say that there wouldn't be a sale, especially with the amount of ppl that have been given keys.


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I'm a beta player and I don't want a discount. Support TaleWorlds for their work over the last 7/8 years and don't be a cheapskate.
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