LSP 3D Art SacredStoneHead's Nord Armor Set (Released!)

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Thanks, guys.

And since I'm into this saying thing, slow, but steady.


To the gauntlets now!
Added some details and made some adjustments.

I tried to tweak the specular and normalmap, but it still looks like garbage ingame, mostly because of the rigging in the shoulders, seems I'll have a lot of 'fun' ahead.

Anyway, here the changes and some crude modeling of the gauntlets:


Won't have time to work on this on this weekend, but more to come soon.


It looks awesome! :grin:

Maybe once you finish this one could you return to the one with the pelt? :smile:


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I agree, I thought the second version looked awesome. It would be a shame to see that work go to waste, especially since you had said you were 90% done with it.
Indeed it is almost done, maybe I'll get back to it after finishing this one.

I really disliked the 16th century vibe it ended up having, but alas, won't be holding this armor if someone likes it.
A lot of small details and tweaks, but mostly making it work with the awful Warband skeleton and shaders.

Nothing I can't do in a short while, though, thing is it's a very frustrating chore to do in my free time.

But since I'll have to do it with the current one, I guess I'll do it along.


I just don't want all this awesome work to go to waste. :smile:

Anyway, the current version you're working on looks even better, and thanks for OSPing these! :grin:


i can´t wait when for this are finished!  :grin:
I followed this post for a long time and I see it's getting better
Congratulations! ^^

That's a good reminder that I need to finish the gauntlets, by the way.

Will get back to it this weekend, let's see how far I'll go.


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You, sir... make me jealous beyond explanation.  Keep up the most excellent work.  Also, happy new year!


Very cool. I love the way that you show the layering of the armor cloth->cloth->mail->leather, rather than simply saying it is leather over mail over cloth. Thanks for making this awesome OSP. :smile:

May I ask for this to be released as well?


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Good stuff, Stonehead!

The armor seems to suit a 14th-15th century Rus warrior perhaps? I know you were going for a semi-fictional look.
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