[S] War for Calradia Conquest

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War for Calradia Conquest

For mount & Blade : for M&B 1.010/1.011

Calradia  is a Land at war and Now is your chance to rule Calradia

Rule or join a faction the choice is yours.

- Convince and hire lords to join your kingdom.(To do this, simply speak  to any lord once you have started the rebellion, and a new option will  appear in the dialogue window)

- Assign fiefs to your lords

- From your own towns you can recruit experienced troops.

-  Towns/castles/villages you own give you power points that increase the  chances of a lord joining your faction, and of an enemy faction  accepting peace. Power points also weekly give you special-extremely  powerful troops.

- You can declare war to other factions, and ask  for peace.

- You can choose your faction colour, and name.

-  You can choose your faction culture.[Only once when you rebel]

-  Most of the options are in the camp menu, in "Kingdom management", a  chat window will open where you manage your kingdom.

- Lords will  get angry if you take away their holdings, and will be less likely to  obbey you.

- To change your faction name, put in the character  name the name you want, and then go to the kingdom management menu, and  choose the option to change fac name. Then put character name as it was,  and bingo.

Important: All the MOD features start working only  when you become a rebel.
1ºStart a rebellion with a  pretender, and then stop the rebellion.
2ºConquer a castle/town while  not being in any faction.
3ºRenounce your oath, and keep your  holdings when your king refuses to give you a castle/town.

For anyone who wants to  try the Modified War for Calradia which is spliced  with  Lords  and Realms  textures, added Weapons from Lord o  Rings (Jikweapons) and added new clothes and  Horses which run faster, lords and realms weapons are slightly altered  for more realism; well I tried add some mod scripts and new map from calradia_map_refinement_v1.2,  edited custom clothes for all armies.  custom music. A few  tweaks here and there, for weapons, changed some of default uniforms for  factions, added horses, weapons, and weapon tweaks, tweaks to scripts,  added some more banners when starting. Still uses  Lords  and Realms  default banner when loaded.



War for Calradia Conquest
Screen Shots




-Install instructions:
Unzip the rar file in your mb    directory/modules, and you have it.That's it, I hope someone  enjoys it.

Thanks  to original War for Calradia
                        Released  Mod: War for Calradia


Lords    and Realms

Thanks  to
            Lords  and Realms

War  for Calradia
Yoshiboy, Highelf


Tatari_okan, Koyurtang

Thanks to  all modders on this site and all the others
If I left anyone out  apologies:
Not wanting to step on anyone toes; for all the modifiers  who created their work A Big Thanks!!

Download it here

DownLoad war for Calradia Conquest

Mirror Download direct from ArcadiaZone

War for Calradia Conquest Direct Download

Download from M&B Repository

War for Calradia Conquest ON mbrepository

Also Available Here on www.moddb.com

War for Calradia Conquest on ModDB


i would just like to ask, do i get the kingdom management option under the camp menu immediately or do i have to rebel first?
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