{S} More Warhorse - Plated Charger - Long Caparisoned Horses - Half Cataphract

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wanderer949 said:
NEW UPLOAD  ---  40 horses in total  --  all have lods

some are a bit fantasyish -- so if you don't like them, don't add them
and some are recolours (like the charger and warhorse)

anyway I hope you enjoy!!

Which horse/pack is the red/yellow checkered skin in?


Could you add Arrow packs to Steppe horse
Some daggers and chains to swadian and Vaegir Warhorses.
Some eyecandy would be useful  :grin:


Hi. I installed the mod called longbardedwarhorse but it didnt work i think. horses are not coming up at the store or standart war horses' skin is still the same. any ideas ?

EDIT = My problem has solved. I just waited for some days and found those horses on some of the cities, being sold by horse merchants.
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