[S] Light&Darkness - Heroes of Calradia. Upgrade to v1.040 (Jun. 6, 2013)

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:smile:  Hi,everyone, this is my mod: "Light&Darkness - Heroes of Calradia" for Warband 1.153

Mainfile download (v1.010):

Upgrade patch 1.000_to_1.040 download:

Update log
[MAIN]A lot of re-editing and polishing work for the English translation. Appreciate nora_lee, splofot, Steffenximus, and Forevierre, for their great efforts! (I will add you all to the Staff namelist with the new chapter release.)
[ADD] The arms/armors fused with crystal (named with special prefix) can be restored at the merchant's in any city. You may restore the crystal by destroying the arm/armor, and vice versa.
[ADD] New troops added by player can be appointed in the "Troops settings" to the service as infantry, archer or calvary.
[FIX] New arms/armors added by player can be forged or fused.
[FIX] Some other details.
This update file is compatible with your save after v1.010

[ADD] To avoid the "disapearance" of the forest bandits for the character's mainline quest, the Swadia lords' troops will stop hunting them at that time.
[ADD] The weapon - "IronCramp Staff" will produce a greater damage.

[FIX] Corrected and reedited the English translation. Much appreciate for splofot and nora_lee's kindness and devotion.
[FIX] Cannot propose to attack the enemy castle or town until the mainline quests of Chapter I has been completed at all.
[FIX] Being the mercenary of some one kingdom, you will not have the dialog to induce the lords as your prisioners to capitulate.
[FIX] While you are using the "afeint" tactics, the NPC companions will be able to return whatever your party is full or not then. 
[FIX] Same as above, the NPC companions appointed as the Ministers will return to your party by your oder.
[FIX] Rectify the errors about Hel's "Bleach Kiss" during the village battle with the bandits.
[FIX] It is ONLY for the "Light" line that the trainer Guy will offer his training as well as his rewarding.
[FIX] Some other details.
This update file is compatible with your save after v1.010

·[ADD] Instruction of "Leadership of Arms" in the "INFO Pages".
·[ADD] New function: Auto-Loot by NPC and Auto-Sell in town/village.
·[ADD] Before the melee flights, you may choose weapons by yourself with a payment of 50 dinars. If you are the local lord, it will be free.
·[ADD] Jormangand will absorb HP from enemies for his recovery while using his special skill - "Darkness Thunderbolt".
·[ADD] During the dungeon adventure, your killing in status of "hidden" will gain 1.5x EXP.
·[ADD] For the task of hunting river pirates, if you answer "Yes.." (you have worked as manhunter), you may jump over the quest of "follow manhunters to hunt..." and do in your own way.
·[ADD] A pop-up warning to re-confirm your sale of an important or special item.
·[ADD] The price of selling prisoner is associated with your party skill of "Trade". The price limit for Level 0  is 50 dinars. An upgrade to the next level enhances the limit by 25 dinars. Only the price Ramon offers is permanently 50 each for all the prisoners. 
·[ADD] A pop-up instruction of calling your horse by whistling.
·[FIX] Proofread and corrected the spelling/grammar errors for the English translation. Should you have any opinion for an improvement, please feel free to post here or send PM to nora_lee.
·[FIX] The series of functions for NPC to separately lead a troop (in the map mode).
·[FIX] The function for the NPC being prime minister to return to your troop when you join another country.
·[FIX] You can only recruit the senior soldiers of the country you belong to.
·[FIX] The cost to reforge the weapons and armors decreased.
·[FIX] If the separate NPC companion return to the friend town/castle, you will meet them in the hall.
·[FIX] Some other fixing and optimization.
·[FIX] Few bug fixed. (Aug. 29, 2012)

This update file is compatible with your save after v1.010

[Fix] Rectify the display mistake of the statistics after the battle.
[Fix] Rectify the display mistake of the number in the raise troop quest.
This update file is compatible with your save after v1.010

[Add] An option of 'Display full helmet on the image of battle lines' in 'Camp-->Game setting-->Mod Setting'.
[Fix] Enable to attack enemy while rescuing prisioner in the towns of Dark Forces.
[Fix] When NPC gets into a trap, he/she will be indicated by 'wounded' instead of 'killed'.
[Fix] Special skills, such as 'Cloudy Storm', can be used in the village battle.
[Fix] 'Draw sword art' can be used for quest of jail delivery.
[Fix] 'Critical Strike' is ineffectual while using the pratice bow/dagger.
  This update file is compatible with your save after v1.010

  [Add] The prisoner put in 'hidden valley' might escape at a little probability.
  [Add] Enable to use one-handed sword or lance as well in the 'Steeplechase' at the horse market.
  [Add] Features description for 'Light leather'.
  [Fix] Jormungand will use his special skills automatically.
  [Fix] The damage and speed of 'morningstar' are decreased slightly; the damage and speed of 'heaven star' are increased a little.
  [Fix] 'The ward from mother earth' gem will help recover your health in the tournament.
  [Fix] NPC whom is beaten down by special skills like 'Cloudy Storm' will be indicated by 'wounded' instead of 'killed'.
  This update file is compatible with your save after v1.010

  [Add] Enable to custom hot keys for manual camera at 'Camp-->Game setting-->Custom Hot-keys'.
  [Add] Mod version number is displayed on the main screen (lower right of the D&L logo).
  [Fix] For the battle in which you join and help your NPC companion(s) to win, the growth rate of your relationship with NPC has been reduced from '0-20' to '0-5'.
  [Fix] Rectified the calculation errors of arrow consumption for 'Successive Shot' and 'Multiple Shot'.
  [Fix] Enable to draw rein in the tournament with a hot-key (default as 'T').
  [Fix] Rectified the soldiers of Dark Forces in the 'Custom Battle'.
  This update file is compatible with your save after v1.010


Hundred years of wars have made the whole continent suffer, and nullified the hopes of people for an era of peace. The prophecy goes as “When the evil is awaken, a young folk will be born to decide the fate of Calradia”.

After approximately two decades after your birth, you find yourself in the tavern of the Town of Zendar, where you were awaken by a nightmare. Wearing coarse clothes and with an iron sword in your sheath, your long journey begins.

The path you will follow is covered by a dark, dense fog. In the mist, new bonds with people will be made, you will discover yourself, and the chains that for centuries held back the dark forces, will fade. Motivated by the sense of duty, or your sick desire to please your ego; you will have to move on as everyone does.

Only if you make up your mind, you will see a bright future and gaze at the restored glory of Calradia.

On the continent of Calradia, the never-ending and wicked greed has been swallowing the hearts and nature of human beings. The great wars among the five Kingdoms continued year after year keeping them blind from anything else that moves. The mercenaries were not the only that were attracted from overseas.  New friendships and love, bloodthirsty enemies, iron and fire, death and glory, rivers and seas of blood and tears, The War for Calradia between good and evil begins...

Light or Darkness? The choice is yours.

Main feature:
A glorious heroic poem. Different ways for you to choose.

Plenty of scene vedios, branch tasks and plots. Impressive dialogues and interations among the NPCs with distinct individuality.

Numerous weapons and armors; ultimate equipments with special effects; a lot of props and treasures in a variety of styles.

All kinds of crystals to forge the unique equipment on your needs.

Brand new panels for battle management and quite many kinds of splendid battle skills.

Diverse strategies are elaborately designed: including rrangement for the battle, tactics by team, commanding of the army, weapon deployment, order system, etc.

A set of tactics, as trap, feint, luring attack, are not only practical but also easy handling.

Dozens of kinds newly added for more choices of the horse; deployment system of "horse + armor"  helps to DIY your mounts as you like.

Outflank or frontal attack? - The sea battles will give you very different feelings from the land battle.

A new amazing adventure in the dungeon will bring you the unusual fightings as stealth, backstab, etc. There you are awaited by even more than the troll, the undead, countless treasures, and items of rarity.

You will enjoy every interesting special games, such as horse-racing, shooting, blackjack, slot machine and so on.

And other more creation and improvment have been made in detail for you to play and enjoy.

Staff of Production:


Assistant of Planning :ybn100 、老高

Assistant of Literature:ybn100 、老高、流浪的游侠

Assistant of Art design:小一乱跑、莱恩、kelavis、暗暗十分、阿斯塔拉诺、su2006

Assitant of Writing:ybn100 、老高、流浪的游侠、nieyb1、tl10、踏银

Assisant of Music Edit:NORA_LEE 、ybn100

Translation from Chinese into English:Ginn、NORA_LEE

Credits for sources from other authors:

Band of Warriors: Steel armor set, death mask, Head hunter's crown, a arena scene model. Thanks to fisheye.
The Tripartition:A crossbow, a shield, a horse. Thanks to muyiboy.
TLD:1 helmet, 1 grove, 2 shields, 1 axe. Thanks to Ancientwanker.
1 set of LOTR weapons made in MNB Chinese forum.
Two axes and three swords made by TheRock: administrator of ali213 forum.
kanesunny from MNB CHN forum: Matchlocks
kelavis from MNB CHN forum: Extinguished knight armor set, first released in this MOD.
Ninja8181 from MNB CHN forum: Medieval equipments pack for MNB
ly_szc from MNB CHN forum: A set of MU female armor and a set of male armor
magicxx from MNB CHN forum: Female ninja armor set
theguard from MNB CHN forum: Kunai and Ninja weapon container
flyfly-1 from MNB CHN forum: A set of dark lord
su2006 from MNB CHN forum: A set of boots
sylxs from MNB CHN forum: A elven blade
romawushi from MNB CHN forum: Rebinded skeleton of talak_horse
poiuytrewq from MNB CHN forum: Aromr of Sword sister and Dragon warrior
txzwxm from MNB CHN forum: Blades, swords and lances
D.Kaede from MNB CHN forum: A map of Caradia
baixiong from MNB CHN forum: The repeating crossbow
mskimizd from MNB CHN forum: The shield and lance
破碎之人 from MNB CHN forum: The whole set of plate armor of 16th century
Talon:Standard Weapons Upgrade Project
Eisenhouwer:Cries of War Soundpack v2.0 beta
Ursca: A set of helms
Yoshiboy: A set of troll equipments
OSP Spak_Items
TES4_OSP_Andragorn 2

PS: Please contact me if you found any mistakes in the list, I'll correct them as soon as possible.




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I'm guessing this has been ported from the original? :smile:
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  this was one of my favourites in M&B, I can´t wait to see it finished, where can i download? sorry but don´t understand chinese.
Seeing the pictures I think the history have advanced since the M&B version, Thanks for your work


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Whoa, this looks rather awesome. In the screenshots I see that you can use the horse of your choice with the horse armor of your choice, incredible!


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I've finished the story,very impressive MOD,especially the personality NPC and the powerful Aritifacts.Light or Darkness?It make me remember some other great games,like Neverwinter's Night .What impressed me most is the words of many ordinary NPC like a Village head or a recuit,through these words I see the Mod Maker's consideration about the war and peace. I hope all of you can enjoy this woderful Mod.


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War is evil, hated by common people. So the man who acts accord with the principle of Tao will not employ it. The sage uses the arm cautiously and calmly till it's no alternative. He won't be high-blown even in victory. The man who indulges in war and victory is bloodthirsty. The bloodthirsty one can not achieve his ambition in the world.

        ——Quote from the Tao Te Ching :mrgreen:


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The uploading on M&B Nexus has been finished.  :wink:
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