[S] Last Breath of Calradian Empire (ye Olde Thread)

¿How many Imperial factions do you like to see?

  • Just one. Great Calradian Empire.

    Votes: 39 53.4%
  • Two. Something like western and eastern roman empire.

    Votes: 34 46.6%

  • Total voters

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Pls keep it alive. :c

This looks epic :grin: If i could help with pictures or  art or something just let me know :grin:


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Comrade Crimson said:
I'm curious on progress of this. You should PM me on skype over it you froids.

I just had some problems with the team and the module system, but now it's going on again :smile:

Calradian archers defending the bridge against the mighty vaegir invader forces.

But... Yeah. My calradian archers and spearmen were not able to face the almighty Vaegir Ivory Archers and heavy warriors with axes. The Empire is about to fall :sad:



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Thank you all. The development got stucked cause I lost my only scripter and I had some problems with the Module System, but I'm again full working on this.

These days I'm making some changes on the campaign map, fixing the battles on bridges, fixing and making some new scenes and making the last tweaks to the troop trees.

My plans for the next days is to finally fully implement the great new voices by Comrade Crimson (which caused me some troubles with the scripts in the past) and make lots of boring text changes (basically companions stories. Beh).

Cheers :smile:


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Mike, it sounds like you're making good progress.  I am looking forward to playing it sometime in the future.

You're right about companion dialogs- they are a real pain in the neck.  That reminds me that I need to add a few more for my new companions.


WOW! This is the kind of treasure I didn't expect to find in the deeps of the forum! It will surely help to contestualize with Bannerlord! I'll download it!
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