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Havoc said:

You'll find all the download links here.

Main download.

(181 mb)


This patch will update the above download to v0.2.

1) Items will no longer vanish from your inventory!
2) Merchants now have money from the start, I gave them 500k each.
3) Yetis are a tad weaker.
4) Various other random fixes that I can't think of right now.  :razz:

*Note if you already have this patch and encounter odd menu errors, download it again.


Main download -

1) Download.
2) Extract the .rar file with a program like winrar.
3) Go to the Mount & Blade: Warband, main folder and go into the module folder that's inside it.
4) Put your extracted LOBI folder into the module folder.
5) All done.


1) Download.
2) Extract.
3) Put all of the contents of that folder into your LOBI folder, click yes when it asks to overwrite.
4) All done.

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Once upon a time there was a lush green land named Lushlia, this great
land was very lush and green. Never in the land of Lushlia had blood
been spilt, never had pain been felt, never had a war been waged.
Things were perfect in this land, nothing had tainted it's natural
beauty, nothing ever dared to touch this land for it had a secret, the
trees were in fact alive.

While things were all fine and dandy in Lushlia up north in the land
of North Polia nothing but pain had been felt for hundreds of years.
Snowmen were built by there billions and from birth were whipped,
raped and tortured by the once jolly Santa's. After years of being
subjected to such cruel treatment the snowmen began to loose their own
jolly nature and begun to slowly die inside. There was one snowman who
went by the name of Gumdrops, legend tells that he was the first
snowman to be built and tortured by the Santa's and as a result the
most evil and the most sinister snowman to ever live. One day Gumdrops
hatched a plan to escape the Santa's and invade another land, claiming
it for his own. Weeks, months, years went past until one snowy day
Gumdrops jumped one of the Santa guards and stole his candy gun,
holding all the other Santa's at gun point him and a few select mates
escaped. They left the walls of Santa's work house and hijacked a
iceberg, they set sail for the one place they had all dreamed about
as snowflakes, Lushlia.

The travel from North Polia was long and dreadful, death and disease
ravaged the crew until only Gumdrops himself was left on the burg. A
month after he set sail he sighted land, lush green land, as a
snowflake he would have been delighted to see this land but at that
moment he felt nothing but hate. The burg hit the sand and Gumdrops
stepped off to find that with every step the ground around him froze.
This intrigued Gumdrops and he decided he would freeze over Lushlia and
build an army. He waited for a strong gust of wind to come in from
behind him and then farted, he watched with delight as the entire
island froze over.

As Gumdrops began building forts and armies, on the other side of the
island trees began to moan and for the first time in a millennium began
to move. Their ancient roots smashed the ground around them and rose
up to greet the snow, the trees were alive. Following the guidance of
the most ancient tree, Waggly Baggly they set out to rid their world of
the plague that are snowmen.

The Santa's distraught after there defeat decided that they would
recapture Gumdrops and torture him more. The Santa's spent hours
subjecting snowmen to all kinds of torture and rape until one told
them of Gumdrops location. With their new found knowledge the
Santa's set out on their magic sleighs and landed in Lushlia only
to find it's was no longer lush. The Santa's set up various camps
and began to march towards gumdrops.

What happens next? Well that's for you to decide.

Three main factions.
- The Soulless Snowmen.
- The Tremendous Trees.
- The Sexy Santa's.

- New items and troops.
- New scene props and towns.
- Entire map made of snow.
- You build snowmen to recruit them.
- You buy seeds and plant trees to recruit trees.
- Play as snowman, Santa's or trees.
- General awesomeness.

Faction Info.
The Soulless Snowmen. -
These once wild creatures were joyfull and loving until good ol' Santa got his filthy mitts on them. They are now extinct in the wild and the ones in captivity have been tortured so much they no longer have a soul.

Pros -  Can build a massive army in very little time.
          They for some reason have pet Yeti's.
          They use ice for weapons and armour.

Cons - Aren't very strong because well, they are made of snow.
          Not that many weapons.

The Tremendous Trees. -
These ancient creatures have woken up from their sleep to drive out the frosty invaders.

Pros -  Are very strong.
          Are very big.
          They are trees.
          The have pet bushes that swarm enemies.

Cons - Small armies.
          They are trees.
          They can't build ****, so no defences around their homes.

The Sexy Santa's. -
The Santa's where once jolly creatures who lived for making kids happy until one day the elf's took over and kicked the Santa's out on their asses.

Pros -  Ride sleighs.
          Have magical/cool weapons.
          They are sexy!

Cons - Smaller armies than the snowmen.
          Made out of flesh and bone, therefore aren't that strong.
          Fat and slow.

Version One:
Santa's - 100%
Snowmen - 100%
Trees - 100%
Coding - 100%
Other crap - 100%

Havoc (that's me):
Original concept/story.
Most of the models and textures.
The easy coding.
Other crap.

WookieWarlord (don't worry, he's not a real Wookie):
Improvements to my concept/story.
Mod name.
The hard coding.
Some models.
Other crap.

Giving credit where credit is due.

Tuckles - He lived his life as best he could to his dying breath. :cry:
He supplied me with a selection of hats for the Snowmen.

Adorno - I'm not proud of what i had to do to get him to help.
He made some scenes for me and I am using one of his sound packs.

Cdvader - This dude could code this entire mod with his pinky fingure!
He has helped me with codes.

Aquil - Face textures are yummy.
We all know about Aquils face textures, they have been included in this mod. Cheers Aquil.

Lumos - He will rock your socks off.
He made me a few banners.



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Nice names. :mrgreen:
Anyway, looks really good, but you got too many apostrophe's where they are not needed. Sorry, my little deformation.


I figure this image is relevant:

Nice looking mod, good luck.