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AdmeralAntiles said:
They were the most disciplined at the time. The engineering of thier shields allowed them to lock together to form wall and what is called the Tortoise formation, bacause the shields formed a kindof like tortoise shell.

Their shields were based on shields that already existed... There were other disciplined armies out there but the Romans were the best at engineering(Post Marian) and recovering from defeats.


Dion/Folcwar said:
they lose....
when they get out numbert....
when they meet germans

my point is
that gaul is way better in 1 vs 1 fight than romans

Hmm, that's weird. Cos I swear I've watched documentaries and read about fights the Romans had with the Gauls and Germans, the Romans were outnumbered several times (if not most of the time) against the Gauls and yet the Romans won with a lot fewer casualties than the Gauls or Germans. Maybe I'm wrong though? And everything I've witnessed has been lies.
Hey guys,
My mod has been dead for quite some time, but now I am bringing it back to life again.
I recently (Yesterday, actually) have re-downloaded the Module system, and updated it to 1.153.
I am planning to upload it in about 3-5 hours time from this post, after I finish off some bugs, and add a little bit more content.
After this release, I will re-start the map and (try to) finish it overnight, and remove the old factions leaving only Rome and Gaul.
I will then upload it also. This will probably be in about a week, or less.
I have also contacted Guacharo but still have not heard from him yet. Hopefully he will reply soon, so we can get some nice banners.  :razz:
Sorry for the long wait (If anyone has been waiting  :roll: )


- Oh, and I hope you all had Wonderful Holidays!

Uploaded 1.4 to M&B Nexus

Post any bugs, suggestions etc.  :smile:
:shock: Wow...

Some news, and a new version already, in a single message ?
That was... Unexpected, to say the least.

Millions of thanks, KingLuke !
Well, here we go! Spent probably 2 hours on this  :razz:

So basically, they're all in there respective domains, and there are options for expanding.  :smile:

Credits to Yifeng_konjac and mskimizd for map pack 2

All I really did was find a decent map editor that worked, and then figure out which villages and towns belonged to who, and then moved them. And added some changes to the map, like terrain and such.

There are some empty areas on the map, but don't worry! I intend on adding new factions in the future releases.

Will upload soon!

- Regards, KingLuke
AdmeralAntiles said:
But the Romans still won

Nope, the Western Romans fell to the Germanic peoples and the Eastern Romans were later on defeated by the Ottomans. (They're Romans, they shouldn't be called the Byzantines) :mrgreen:

Also about when the Romans get outnumbered. It's wikipedia but at least it gives you a basic overview.
only problem I've found is that there seem to be missing sounds. During combat i don't hear the clashing of swords, flesh ripping, etc. It may just be my download but i got it from nexus.
Aventori said:
only problem I've found is that there seem to be missing sounds. During combat i don't hear the clashing of swords, flesh ripping, etc. It may just be my download but i got it from nexus.

Yes, my mistake.  :razz:
For my testing of the mod, I use More Metal Sound and Utrehd's music pack.
You can fix this by copying and pasting the native sounds.txt and music.txt to the Roman Invasion module directory.
I'll make sure to have this included in 1.5, which is in a few hours.

- KingLuke
Please read the credits list below. Thank you to all of your wonderful OSP's​

For Warband 1.153​

The Factions:
Roman Republic
The Gauls

...and the Vikings!

The Features:
New Map
(A few) Towns renamed
(Again, a few) Lords/Kings renamed
Respective Kingdom troop trees
New Items
New Sounds

...and bugs. Probably lots of them. All I know is everything seems to be working fine, but I'm not 100% sure.

Yifeng_konjac and mskimizd for map pack 2.
Mount&Gladius v2 by Llew.
Highlanders Models by Yamabusi.
Eastern Items by Njunja.
Viking Model Pack by dejawolf.
Checkmatey for his More Metal Sound Mod 2.2.

Now, Hopefully I didn't miss anyone. If I did, please tell me so I can place you in the credits.

Regards, KingLuke

P.S. - Please notify me of any bugs you may find! Thanks!
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