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Thanks to the Ensemble Studios Staff for the Picture.

A Mount&Blade Warband gunpowder mod made by Musketeer
If you find any bugs or have any suggestions just send me a PM or post it here! I would appreciate any feedback.
Send me some screenshots of this mod, and if they are good enough ill post them up here for others to see.

Calradia 1578 v1​
for warband 1.127​

Swadians: good cavalry and decent infantry
Vaegirs: good cavalry and cheap infantry (conscript)
Rhodoks: weak cavalry and great infantry (lots of heavily armored units)
Nords: weak cavalry and fast infantry

May 17, 1494 – Emperor Corvan sends a small Rhodok fleet to find new land for the Empire of Rhodok.

June 12, 1494 – The vessel finds a small island in the middle of the ocean.

July  3, 1494 – The Rhodok vessel returns to Calradia bringing with it a new substance, the natives call it fire dust.

August 25, 1494 – One of the barrels containing fire dust was in a warehouse when it caught fire, causing an explosion like no one has ever seen.

August 27, 1494 – Rhodok scientists run experiments on the fire dust in confined spaces, they see when it has no pressure on it, it burns and fizzles out, but when the put it in a place with lots of pressure, it explodes.

December 1, 1494 – The first tests begin on using the fire dust as a weapon, they were unsuccessful, throwing fire dust on someone and lighting it only burned them and did not kill them.

December 13, 1494 – The next test was successful, they put a fuse in a barrel of fire dust, lit it, and It exploded leaving massive damage. Someone had left their knife on the top of the barrel which they were using to make a hole for the fuse. The knife was found stuck in a wall 100 feet away, the idea of a projectile spreads quickly.

December 22, 1494 – The first prototype weapon is made, it is called the arquebuse, a long metal tube with a wooden stock. The first arquebuse explodes, killing the person firing it and 2 other people.

December 30, 1494 – After multiple tries to make the arquebuse, the Rhodoks run out of fire dust. They send their entire fleet to the small island to get as much fire dust as possible and to find the recipe.

December 31, 1494 – Swadian spies report the entire Rhodok fleet leaving Calradia to Emperor Harlaus, he sends a small ship to follow them and see where they are going.

January 23, 1495 – The Rhodok fleet makes it to the small island, they buy all the fire dust, and they find out that it is made up of sulfer, charcoal, and salt peter. They then set sail home as fast as they can go.

January 27, 1495 – The small Swadian ship arrives at the island, asking the natives what they gave to the Rhodoks, the natives reply fire dust. The natives have one barrel left, the Swadians buy it and sail home.

February 16, 1495 – The Rhodok fleet makes it back to Calradia with the stockpile of fire dust.

February 20, 1495 – The Swadian spies make it back to Calradia, showing the fire dust to Emperor Harlaus, Emperor Harlaus is amazed at what he sees, he starts his scientists experimenting on it.

February 28, 1495 – Rhodok scientists finally make a working arquebuse, they equip a small unit exclusively with the new arquebuse. They defeat a footman unit double their size with the new arquebuse.

March 1, 1495 – Emperor Corovan makes the new arquebuse and fire dust top secret. He then orders massive research to make a better arquebuse.

March 3, 1495 – Swadian scientists run out of fire powder, no progress has been made. Emperor Harlaus dismisses the further research of fire dust, stating it was a novelty item.

September 13, 1502 – Realizing the arquebuses power and troubles with the Swadian Empire, The Empire of Rhodok declares war on the Swadian Empire.

September 25, 1502 – After receiving heavy casualties due to the arquebuse, Emperor Harlaus orders his spies to find out how this new weapon works.

September 30, 1502 - Swadian spies discover that the weapons use fire dust inside a metal tube to shoot lead projectiles, Emperor Harlaus sends his entire fleet to the small island.

October 2, 1502 - The Empire of Rhodok finds out that the Swadian Empire is sending its fleet to the small island. Emperor Corovan orders the fleet to destroy them.

November 25, 1502 – The Rhodok and Swadian fleets engage each other, both sides receive heavy casualties, but the Swadian fleet now outnumbers the Rhodok fleet.

December 18, 1502 – What’s left of the Rhodok fleet  makes it back to Calradia, they tell Emperor Corovan that the Swadians have taken the Island.

January 15, 1503 – The Swadian Empire builds a massive base on the island. Seeing the opportunity the natives do not tell the Swadians how to make the fire dust. The Swadian Empire is forced to buy the fire dust. Natives become very wealthy

January 28, 1503 – News finally spreads to the Kingdom of Vaegirs and the Kingdom of Nords, that there is a small island that produces a dust that explodes, the Nords and Vaegirs quickly buy the fire dust and test it out themselves.

February 17, 1503 – The Empire of Rhodok invents the Matchlock Musket, a cheaper safer version of the arquebusier, it is sold to the Nords and Vaegirs for a handsome profit. The fire dust recipe is still under extreme guard.

March 4, 1503 – The Swadians and the Rhodoks now battle over the fire dust monopoly, the Swadians import it from the small island, but it takes a long time for it to arrive. The Rhodoks produce it themselves but there are high labor costs compared to the natives.

March 5, 1503 – The 100 years war begins, all the nations, except the Sarranid Sultanate, and the Khergit Khanate, embrace the new firearms as a means of warfare. The Sarranid Sultanate and the Khergit Khanate still use their own strategies based on the sword and bow.

The Year is 1578 the nations of Calradia are at war with each other, some embrace the firearms completely and some still stick to the sword and bow. Choose to embrace the old way, or embrace the new firearms, and lead your forces to victory!

A very special thank you for all the people who let me borrow their models

OSP Weapons by Bismark
Tricornes by bjorne
Shakos by Mayhem
OSP 18th Century Uniforms by Dain Ironfoot
Narf's Plate Armor Pack by Narf
Pirates by Yoshiboy (borrowed the breastplate and loyalist hats)
and the final thanks to JDeNef13 for sending me the link to the shakos and tricornes

Uhtred Ragnarson

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screenies and features would be nice for people to know exactly what this is.

I downloaded the game and tried it out. You are off to a good start, but I think the troop trees are too similar to one another and the new gunpowder items are few and far between. You might want to try using some items from Eagle and the Radiant Cross mod (ask permission of course), they have some excellent rifles and muskets you may want to use. Keep up the good work  :grin:


Thanks, this is my first mod. It only took me 3 days from start to finish, doing it so fast I had no time to take any screenshots, so if you take a really good one just send it to me and ill add it.

Oh yeah well, I left most of the original items so the new items have to fight for space(i will probably fix this in a new patch). there are a total of 11 firearms, including pistols, muskets, and a hand cannon for those pesky knights.


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I know it is fantasy but, if the mod is set in 1578.... WHY DO YOU USE NAPOLEONIC STUFF :grin:. Those days were 300 years after the invention of gunpowder. And since Calradia seems to be a mirror of the real world, we should stick to it i guess, instead of using OSP thins over and over all the time for the gunpowder era. PUT SOME MORE LOVE IN THEM PLEASE!

And sorry for the caps. Capslock is fueled by frustration.
Ok the mod is quite boring but good for a 3 day made mod =P some factions don't have guns I think like sarranids and Khergs



Congratulations on finishing your mod.

Please include version information in your OP (what's your mod's current version? which Warband version(s) does it run on?). I think you should also provide a much more detailed explanation as to what this mod actually does and changes.
In the long run, posting changelogs of the different versions would also be a good idea. I know it's work, but if you make a mod, might as well do it properly.


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Stinus said:
I know it is fantasy but, if the mod is set in 1578.... WHY DO YOU USE NAPOLEONIC STUFF :grin:. Those days were 300 years after the invention of gunpowder.

Calradia doesn't need to perfectly mirror the real world, maybe they found gunpowder before us real worlders and have advanced faster.


Can you please make the Troop tree a little bit more basic, the top teir Musketeer needs around 800k EXP lol. I like the idea of a small teir lvl of Musket people instead of 10 diffrent lvls of shooting people things.

EDIT: Before I forget, it kinda freezes your game when you save so you have to Ctrl+alt+Delete out of it and then back into it to un-freeze it.


I have Downloaded it. Now what do i do with it? I cannot install it.


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its a decent mod,tough u should:

1.rename factions
2.do a new map and new castle and siege scenes
3.focus more on 18th century
4.rework bandits an commoners troop trees

...for now


Have some suggestions for you
I noticed the musketeers had arquebus's can you give them muskets? If I were you I would just get rid of all the early firearms and go 18th century but if you completeley went 18th century you would have to re-do a lot of stuff
Being able to have your constable to recruit and send recruiters
This is just me but maybe add a feature where you can forcibly recruit prisoners in the camp menu
Other than that I loved it


I recon this mod would do a lot better if all the diplomacy,recruiters,extra lords all that shizzle was added. I dont know about anyone else but I cant play a mod anymore without the recruiter parties etc...


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Would be more fun to go 100% 1500-1600 insteed of 1800, as there is all ready some MOD´s out for that and none 30years wars likeish MOD.
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