[S] Arena Overhaul mod [released for Warband SP]

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Tnx for this work. makes the grinding in the arena intresting in the early character days.


I really think there needs to be more spectators for the tournaments. At the moment the spectaor seats seem rather empty far less than what you expect at a tournament


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Yes, a good modeler should make some decent looking spectators to use - perhaps even with some animation  :smile:
But that's not me.

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You should kill the tall grass in Dhirim etc. Realitically, it would all have been cut by swords or trampled by horses, and that's assuming the guy running the arena hasn't already cut it down (crowd can't see the guys fighting).

Lastly, it's really annoying and gets in the way. It gives the AI an unfair advantage to boot: They can see through the data, I can't.
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