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I've come across with some of the bugs that people have mentioned here, like helping a lord against Mercs and then being unable to close the screen. And i agree on the bible this guy has wrote about the snipers, they kinda underperform compared to other troops with bows like Luchniks.

I've found a "bug" with the patrols, if you recruit a Elite Patrol and then disband it you basicly pay 2k for 20 t7 troops that stay in your castle garrison and you can take them wiht you, not sure if you have to disband or just make them garrison adn then disband, however this could be exploited. Also the bugg with Acuracy of Bows and Crossbows is the most anoying one i've found and i only get rid of him when i suffer minimum damage.

However this is top 3 mod's i've played in this game, keep the awesome work :grin:.
Meelis13 said:
I know you tried to improve battle map and i wouldnt mention it otherwise, but in some other mods (calradia imperial age for example) and also in vanilla, maps were generally more even. Not realisticly even, but more than in ND (i.e no large hills in middle of flat terrain).

Ok, i may indeed be wrong about that, but still, i have quite good weapon for mods standards (more powerful ones seem to be expensive as hell), yet i can only dish out damage i noted. Plus crossbows should do more damage anyhow as historically they were basically only weapons that could punch right trough plate armour, yet here it is quite low damage even for cloth as armour people. And juggernauts indeed took out 60 of my rather elite troops in that time- Ghasis, protectors, sword sisters, valkyres and mercenary captain. And Floris, who is well-armoured by default. So yeah, it would be terrific if you could make option to preserve realism (thats actually good what you did with realism here) or to go for more vanilla-like combat system where you can kill enemies more easily

I've fixed the battlefield issue - the mod is now using native's random scene code, just with a larger size.

I've also added an option in the mod options menu to change the damage modifier of all troops. You can choose any value between 25 and 400 : 100 means normal damage, 50 half damage, 200 double damage, etc...

Sorry for asking a stupid question, but does 0.6 require the 0.5 folder? I noticed that when I download the 0.6 file, it doesn't contain all the textures and resources. And yes, I downloaded 0.6 from both Nexus and moddb.

EDIT: Never mind, I re-looked at the statement in moddb that says that it doesn't require the patch files, but never stated about the main file.
Every once in a while my dyeworks will automatically switch over to keeping their inventory. Everything will be fine then all of the sudden it will say, for example; "Veluca: -2930" on my weekly budget screen. I have dyeworks in every town and I have to go there and switch it back myself when it happens. Anyone else getting this bug?
As the mod has now got its own board, this thread will be locked. There will be dedicated threads for suggestions and bug reports.
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