Ryzen 3700x or 5600x for bannerlord

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I've been torn between buying a ryzen 3700x or the newest 5600x. I know they are both roughly the same price, and the 5600x has beat the 3700x in many games with it's 19% IPC improvement. But I am not sure if 6 cores and 12 threads is enough. I'm currently using an old i7 4790, which is ok for 60+ fps in most of bannerlord, except sieges. Whenever I siege,it just drops to 15 fps; so I dropped the battle size to 400, and I still get 40 fps. So I've been comparing between the 6C/12T 3600 and the 3700x and the 3700x runs significantly better, capable of maintaining 60+ fps throughout the entire 500 man siege. This is where my distrust towards 6C/12T cpus come from, so if anyone has bought the 5600x, can you let me know whether it can keep up with 500 man sieges with 60+ fps?


5600x incase anyone want know in future , bannerlord heavly bound on cpu side specially when u got a massive battle the uplift in single core over 3700x make it the better choice in almost all cases speically gaming its not bout core count its about raw performance of cpu and they are pretty close in term raw perfromance but 5600x will have clear advantage cos its far faster per core
I have a Ryzen 5 3600 on a TUF X5700 mobo . GPU is a GeForce 1080. I have Samsung 4K monitor. I play with 1,000 soldier battles.

I get 50-60 FPS in strategic game, and 30-40 FPS in large battles, with no stuttering at all.

Hope this helps ? probably not .. lol
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I have the 5600x and its great and i will always recommend the newest architecture, but try Gamers Nexus and Hardware Unboxed videos on youtube and make the choice yourself.
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