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Regiment of Greater Poland

We are the oldest still active clan for The Deluge. The main reason for our existence as a group is a desire to have a lot of fun with nice people playing this awesome mod. Long time ago we were called Confederation of Free People(Konfederacja Wolnych ludzi: KWL), but for various reasons we changed our mind, and decided to go with more historical name and different approach to this project. At that time we(Mainly Ensis) were thinking about disbanding this then very small group, but general reforms and big amount of new recruits kept our regiment alive.

Our current squad:

1. Pułkownik Zaremba
2. Rotmistrz Askorti

3. Porucznik Irgen
4. Porucznik Altharis


5. Chorąży TiCz
6. Chorąży Major


Towarzyszy: 7

7. Towarzysz Wizytuj
8. Towarzysz Piastun
9. Towarzysz RErErty
10. Towarzysz Iwomichu
11. Towarzysz Tenshin
12. Towarzysz InfeRR
13. Towarzysz Chipsu

Pocztowych: 24

14. Pocztowy Mały_Rycerz
15. Pocztowy Adrian
16. Pocztowy Kajoj656
17. Pocztowy SantaClausPL
18. Pocztowy Morviles
19. Pocztowy Chipsu
20. Pocztowy cytrynasas
21. Pocztowy Gryzu
22. Pocztowy Elsema_War
23. Pocztowy Klin
24. Pocztowy Markus
25. Pocztowy Pawlo
26. Pocztowy Dalekowidz
27. Pocztowy Jurrak
28. Pocztowy Achacjusz
29. Pocztowy FlameSin
30. Pocztowy vKapseLv
31. Pocztowy Gustlik
32. Pocztowy Krzychu_PL
33. Pocztowy SobieskiPL
34. Pocztowy Zamojski
35. Pocztowy Kabuki25
36. Pocztowy Konrad
37. Pocztowy Katsurałke

Ochotników: 3

38. Ochotnik Mateun
39. Ochotnik JanHetman
40. Ochotnik Airness300

Our tags:

One of the most important rules in our regiment is good behavior. We request from our members to act nice, helpful and don't get into stupid quarrels.
The second rule is... To have fun. That's what our regiment was made for, to provide more fun to it's members.

Recruitment is in fact open, but as for now, we do not look for non-polish speaking people. It's caused by lack of good government, and recruiting foreigners might make everything harder to maintain. But maybe in future, when everything will be stable and clear, there may be place for foreigners in our regiment.

So.. Feel free to discuss about regiment, if you have any complaints about our members, tell us, we'll try to do something about it. :smile:
If you're a head of other clan and want a little match, It'd be pleasure to cross sabres with you. :smile:


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Very nice thread. In battles does this clan tend to fight for a specific faction, or just any? (Information for the clan list.)
Have a care Gentlemen.
You are invited to our second drill & muster session on the Sunday 17th of August. The last of which was to be considered a major success on all fronts by all previous participants.
This is in prelude to a potential historical skirmish event further down the line, those who turn out will have the advantage of wisdom!

James Digby.
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