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Hello, dear developers! Please answer the question that has been tormenting me for 10 years now...
Your series of games "Mount & Blade" found an echo in my heart from an early age. I played for hours and days in Warband and I liked it, I was happy with the mechanics you developed. And so, many years later, I purchased the entire collection of your games, except for one - "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord". And I'll tell you why. As a child, I was not particularly interested in whether there was a translation into my native language in a particular game, I just played using non-legal Russifiers, because I had no other choice. And now I asked myself the question: Why don't I have the right to play the game in my native language, one of the most extensive languages in the world - Russian language?? Indeed, in Russia, your game has gathered around itself one of the most extensive community that loves your game with all its heart. Did your hearts respond to this with a policy that ignores our existence? Why was Russian not added to any of your games, which is spoken by 350 million people in the world? Why are there 10 translations in your projects into various languages of the world, but the Russian language is not included in them?
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