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Runtime Error Fix

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I've noticed that not only this mod, but any mod that loads textures that make the game use more than 3.5gb of memory, virtual or otherwise, it is going to crash with the run time error.

The simple problem is, this mod, and many others use too much memory with their textures.
All you can do is keep turn texture detail down to where the game looks like **** or wait for the developers to optimize their textures. If you enable load textures on demand, your battles lag so bad it is unplayable.

It doesn't matter how big your swap file is, because a 32 bit process can't allocate more than 3.5gb of memory, no  matter what hardware you've got. I've got 32gb of ram in my machine. The game uses less than 3% of my CPU. I've got 8gb of video ram. I can watch it in process explorer. As soon as Perisno loads, and I enter a battle or a scene where the ram goes to 3.5, the very next action I take, bam, runtime error. That runtime error is most likely an unhandled exception coming back from a malloc or new in the engine code that throws because the process has exceeded its limit.



not sure if anyone will see this but my  game loads 90% of the way then i get a runtime error

this started happening after adding some items to a mod i have, can anyone help me? :sad:

(the mod is called Tainted Paths it f*cking huge, i added a few items to make a faction look historically accurate instead of being naked and running around)


There's also the possibility that you need to update your C++ Runtime Libraries.  You might be missing a specific file required for M&B.  I had this problem when I bought my new PC and installed M&B on it.  For some reason, it didn't automatically install the C++ Runtime files.  If I'm not mistaken, there should be a folder containing the required C++ Runtime files in the game's directory.
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