Bannerlord Captain Tournament

Tournament aimed to keep the community engaged in the captain mode, the objective is to make a shorter but more frequent series of tournaments

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Behaviour Rules

Maturity and Respect

- No toxicity, flaming, bad sportsmanship, or any form of misconduct during matches.

Tournament Rules


- Matches should be scheduled by posting in the fixtures thread before 19:00 BST, Wednesday of each week.
- Each week ends at midnight BST on Sunday.
- If the teams have not agreed a match time before the scheduling deadline, the admins will post a time of their choosing.

Maps & Factions

- Maps and factions will be determined in advance throughout the tournament

Roster Rules

Team Rosters

- Every team has to provide a roster, consisting of six to 18 players before being accepted into the tournament.


- Any player who has not yet played in a match may join a team at any time during the ladder.
- Once a player has played for one team they may not play for another team during this tournament.
- Transfers may be requested by unplayed players themselves or the captain of their new team.
- Any player not yet on any roster may be added to a roster at any time during the group stage by the team captain, with confirmation from the player.
- No roster changes are allowed for the Final/promotion matches.


- It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team during the tournament. Any player that was found to play for more than one team will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. The second team to field that player will be punished at the discretion of the administration.

Match Rules

Match Server

- All matches will be played on a European server unless both teams agree otherwise.
- Teams must use the clan system to to play a match.
- Either team may restart the match during the warm-up phase up to 3 times each, but players leaving a match once play has started may face consequences.

Gathering Players

- Both teams have 10 minutes to gather their players and make/join a clan match. If a team fails to turn up by 10 minutes after the agreed match start, the other team must contact an admin immediately and will be awarded a default win. A team that fails to turn up for the first time will be given a warning, the second time they will be suspended from the tournament.
- Teams are not obligated to wait more than 10 minutes between maps and sets and should contact an admin if there is a prolonged wait.

Player Names & Tags

- Players must play with the name they are signed up under in the team roster.
- Team tags must be unique.

Match Format

- Matches will take place in Bannerlord Captain mode, through the clan system.
- Each tournament match consists of 2 sets played on each of 2 maps, thus 4 sets in total. After the first set on each map the teams will swap spawns and factions.
- The match will be won by the team with the higher number of sets won. If both teams have the same amount of sets won, the win is given to the team with the higher number of rounds won. If both teams have an equal amount of sets and rounds won, the match results in a draw
- The first set will be hosted by Team A, the second by Team B, the third by Team B and the 4th by Team A.
- In the case of a default, rounds played are recorded as played, rounds unplayed are recorded as the defaulter losing all remaining rounds.


- If a player/s drops from the server during a match the teams must finish the match with the players in the server (including a random player if the system adds one into the match). Teams may restart only if the two captains agree beforehand.

Class Restrictions

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