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- The maximum count for each stage of each region is 24 players. Players who signed up but won’t be able to participate in the tournament for any reason should notify about it in this thread.

- All duels are played at a fixed date and at a fixed time which is Friday 23rd and Friday 30th, 6:30pm (CT and GMT). You won't have to arrange your duel with another player. Just go to the server and everyone will be there.

- Any player can sign up to only one stage in his preferred server region (EU or NA) of the tournament’s duels.

- In case a player who managed to sign up in time but won't be able to participate in the duels any player that signed up after 24 people will take his place.

Duel rules:

-All matches will be played on Normal combat speed.

- Killing yourself is allowed to restore health.

- Duelist who reaches 5 victories first wins (Best out of 9).

- Duels are played in single elimination form.

-The use of third party programs in conjunction with WFAS to aid in attacking or blocking is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament regardless of positioning in the bracket. This includes but is not limited to any forms of "autoblock hacks" or mouse/keyboard macros producing simulated input.

-Each duelist may use any weapon they please, but he or she may switch it only between the duels.
-All cavalry, shields and ranged weapons are forbidden.

-Weapons that crush through blocks are not allowed

-Duelists must only use weapons that can be purchased by his or her respective faction.

-Duelists must only use default armor or no armor at all.

-Results should be posted after the match by both players (winner especially) along with a spoiler screenshot using FRAPS or simply print-screen.

-Insults or other personal attacks while the duel is in progress by either duelist are prohibited and may result in disqualification depending on the severity of the infraction.

-In addition, all duelists are expected to observe basic etiquette which includes backing off and facing your opponent at the start of the duel.
Not open for further replies.
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