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The rules
The rules are strict and all server settings will be the same. Maps and factions aren't chosen by the teams but are predetermined by the Nations Cup admin(s) for each round. Battles are 8v8.
In one match 2 Maps are played, with a total of 4 games. A game consists of 5 gamerounds on the same faction for each team. After 5 gamerounds, a team takes the other teams faction and spawn point.
Server settings:
Matches can and have to be played on the official Nations Cup servers, unless both teams agree on playing on another server.
Manual Block
Friendly fire: ranged and melee (75% Friend)
Combat speed: normal
Spectating restricted to teammembers view.
No bots on either team (obviously)
6 minute round timer (360 seconds)
Maxed out map time, due to 5 round switching.

Each country can have only one team, but a team can have multiple countries, in case they don't have 10 people (2 reserves at least, 6 max.). These countries should be close or neighboring. For example the Netherlands and Belgium, Portugal and Spain, Austria and Swiss (and germany even, possibly as they all speak german). The US also is one country and could team up with canadians if the canadians can't field 10 themselves.

The tournament will follow the Round-robin design, meaning each team fights other teams once. The team with the most wins/draws will win the Nations Cup. A win is 2 points, a draw 1 point, most points wins. In case two teams have equal points, these teams will fight eachother in finals with tie-breakers so that that match won't end up draw. When there are 3 or 5 teams with equal points they will all fight each other, after which the finals will be held when there are still teams with equal points.

Every team fights all other teams once. The team that won the most matches got the 1st places, and so on.
Taking Round 1 as an example:
Round 1         
FbtR Rh+Sw   
Village Va+No

this means that the first played map is Field by the River, where Team 1 (and Team 3) start as Rhodoks, than switch to Swadia. Team 2 (and Team 4) start as Swadians and switch, after 5 rounds, to Rhodoks. The Map is reset after the 5 Rounds, to reset all money.
The second played map is Village where Team 1 (and Team 3) starts as Vaegirs as defenders (spawn no. 1) and Team 2 (and Team 4) start as Nords. After 5 rounds this is switched, the map gets reset and Team 2 plays Vaegirs as defender.
Map 1 is played on a server near Team 1s country/on Team 1s continent and Map 2 on a server near Team 2s country/on team 2s continent.
The winner of Team 1 v Team 2 fights the winner of Team 3 v Team 4.
The losers fight the losers first, but everyone will fight each other once.
The Teams that oppose each other have 2 weeks to arrange a suitable date. Every second Sunday opposing teams are announced. Than the 2 week deadline starts. If the Teams can't arrange the deadline before the next sundays 23.59GMT deadline, than the playing date is Sunday, the day of the deadline 20 GMT. The Team that can't make it, loses.

Substituting players
Player switching/substituting can be done unlimitted between 'swaps (=5 rounds, till teams switch and map restarts)'. If a player crashes you can substitute him, but you can only substitute twice per swap.

Glitching and trickjumping isn't allowed, doing so makes your team lose the rounds where either is used.
My definitions of glitches and trickjumps:

Glitch=Reaching bugged spots that make you invincible or make you reach places that everyone would consider unaccessible at first sight.
Example: The rock on the Ruins map, near the fallen tree. You can get inside it, making you invulnerable to ranged and melee attacks.

Trickjumping=Reaching places by doing one hard jump or a chain of jumps, also doesn't look like a place that the mapmaker intended the players to reach at first sight.
Example: Getting on the roofs on the Village map, jumping from the stairs on a cloth-line and than jumping on the roof.

Personal discussion
Any rules are open for discussion. Captains of both teams can decide on custom rules, if they both agree. Best way to avoid 'No I didn't agree with that' discussions is to screenshot the log, as looking in the log is something admins can, but rather not do.
One of the custom rules is spectators (even with locked view) and it's up to both captains to make a final decision whether they want spectators. If one of the captains doesn't want it, it won't happen.

If your team hasn't added the 2 reserves yet and you are about to play a match and you see you're one guy short, but you know someone, not in the team and from the same nations/country as your team, that can play, than you can let him play and add him to the player list later on. Substitutes not from the right country are NOT allowed. Other substitutes (not able to join the team because it's full) can join if the enemy team agrees.

Haysharking to become invisible and enforce a draw is NOT allowed. You're allowed to run at all times, including to map boundries. Standing in corners of map boundries (shield up, touching the corners, making you invulnerable to flanking) is NOT allowed. 

a)If a team cannot field at least 6 players 20 minutes AFTER the appointed match time and didn't asked to postpone until then, the referee has to declare it as a default win for the other team, if this team can field at least 6 players. If there's no referee, they can take a screenshot of a log and PM an admin. PMs or chatlog between the two captain or their substitudes (and the referee, if there,) concerning the match time/date appointment have to be archived/saved beforehand.

b)However, the team with the lack of players can postpone the match ANYTIME before 20 minutes after match begin. To do so they(captain/co-captain) have to inform the the captain/co-captain of the other team and any reserved Referee via pm or on the match-server with the clear words "We postpone this match". Postponing is generally always possible until 20 minutes after game start, no matter for what reason. They lose this right if they already postponed the same match in the same way before.

This way a team always has the chance to postpone in time and prevent a default loss. I suggest that the referee always asks the undermanned team 10-20 minutes after game start if they want to postpone or not. However if they miss this chance they have to accept the loss.

If both teams can't field at least 6 players each, the match is postponed. If the same happens in an already postponed match, both teams get the match counted as a tie.

If a team has more than 5 players but less than 8, the match has to be played if the team with the 8 players doesn't generously agree to postponing(after 20 minutes AFTER match start). The team with at least 8 players can decide to play with their full team but also can play with equal numbers if they want. The following combinations are possible:
8vs7, 8vs6, 7vs7, 7vs6, 6vs6.
The referee has to be informed what combination will be played. The combination can be adjusted if more players are available. This then gives the chance for latecomers to join in. On the other hand it also gives the team which decided to play an even number match to take superior numbers if the think they need it. However, adding a new player to the team has to be announced by the team captain BEFORE a new round starts.

Not enforcing equal numbers here has a simple reason: It prevents teams with only 6 good/very good players to force the other team to a low number match. The NC is designed for 8vs8 and not dueling of so called star-players.

One problem here is that the referee can't talk in spec. A mod with some kind of admin_say is needed.

There are always exceptions, in that case, PM me, Arch3r and I will share it with all team captains, which will decide as a 'council'.
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